Why We Love Lucketts Store

Why We Love Lucketts Store

Happy Valentine's Day from the Lucketts Crew!

I'm Wyatt Eblen (pictured left), the eldest son of the owners of Lucketts Store. If you've purchased from our online store or had furniture delivered, you've likely interacted with me or my younger brother Miles (pictured right).

Lucketts Store is definitely a family-owned and operated business, and we've been working here since we were able to move furniture.

A lot of our childhood involved Mom dragging us to every auction and antique store around Virginia, Maryland, West Virginia (or anywhere we went on vacation). We usually hated it, unless we found vintage toys that Mom could bribe us with.

My brothers and I have always loved creating fun spaces to be in. Even when we’re little kids, we’d constantly switch bedrooms, dragging furniture all around our house to make fun, new backdrops for our adventures.

Just like Mom, design and placemaking is in our blood. We didn’t plan to use it professionally, and Miles and I both went to college for completely unrelated careers.

I studied political science at Virginia Tech with aspirations to become a lawyer, and Miles studied Russian at University of South Carolina with aspirations to work for the State Department.

We’ve both seen the world, from backpacking across South America, to living in a Buddhist Monastery in Nepal teaching monks English, and helping an adopted Indian friend find his long lost family.

One of the most important things I’ve taken from these adventures is how much I appreciate where I come from, including the Lucketts Store.

During COVID, when everyone’s life took an unexpected twist, Miles and I both returned to the area, and continued working for the family business.

Since then, we've had the opportunity to meet many of you, loading furniture into your cars, delivering to your houses, or chatting with you at the front desk.

Together, Miles and I manage the online store and the inventory of our warehouse nearby. While there will always be the challenges of working with family, we also have a foundational understanding and deep gratitude for family.

We love Lucketts Store because it's where our close-knit family comes together, to build something special with the whole Lucketts Crew. We spend TONS of time together, each playing a special role in making Lucketts Store a success.