Remembering the Humble Beginnings for Lucketts Store

Remembering the Humble Beginnings for Lucketts Store

Behind every piece of furniture and building with character is an incredible story, and let's revisit the tale of how Lucketts Store was founded!

It was March 1996, and my husband (Pat) and I purchased this beautiful project when we were in our 30’s, and loaded with energy and optimism.

At the time, we had two sons (ages 5 and 7), a horse, a donkey, two cows, two dogs, at least two cats, 27 chickens, and an antique shop up the road: a 200-year-old farmhouse, 10 acres to mow, and another baby on the way.

Lucketts Store Original 1996

Amazingly, when we toured this building, we saw nothing but potential. Sure, it was in great disrepair, with broken windows, missing boards, and a configuration that needed work.

But the bones were good.

Walking from room to room, we got to know the Rt. 15 landmark that was once been:

  • the Lucketts General Store
  • a U.S. Post Office
  • a Lucketts family home and farmhouse.

Now, here it was, waiting to find its new purpose. And we had big plans.

Fast forward to August 1996: Working through the Virginia spring and summer, these were probably the busiest five months of mine and my husbands lives!

But we ended up with a beautiful store (originally called The Old Lucketts Store) AND a beautiful baby boy.

Lucketts Store Restored 1996

Lucketts Store has always been a labor of love, and a wonderful chapter for this building and our family. In fact, if you look closely to the left of the steps, you’ll see my son Miles, who now delivers your furniture.

We have welcomed many thousands of people to the Lucketts Store over the years, and look forward to hosting you in the near future. We’re open seven days per week, and 24/7 in our online store.