Meet Wyatt Eblen

Meet Wyatt Eblen

Written by Wyatt Eblen

I'm Wyatt Eblen, the eldest son of the owners of Lucketts Store. If you've purchased from our online store or had furniture delivered, you've likely interacted with me!

Lucketts Store is definitely a family-owned and operated business, and I've been working here since I was old enough to move furniture.

A lot of my childhood involved Mom dragging me and my brothers to every auction and antique store around Virginia, Maryland, West Virginia (or anywhere we went on vacation). 

Just like Mom, design is in our blood. I returned to the area during COVID-19, and continued working for the family business.

Since then, we've had the opportunity to meet many of you, loading furniture into your cars, delivering to your houses, or chatting with you at the front desk.

Together, Miles and I manage the online store and the inventory of our warehouse nearby. Say hello if you see me around!