• Saturday, March 11th – Learn how to paint your Kitchen Cabinets $165 10am-1pm

Using Amy Howard One-Step paint (and a few other products) this class will teach you how to give your kitchen (or bathroom) cabinets an entirely new and fresh look. We will  teach a distressed and glazed finish along with a few “tips of the trade” to give you a re-faced, professional look! Come join us!

  • Sunday, March 12th – Floral Design, learn how to create a centerpiece arrangement with wholesale vessel opportunities. $200 1pm-5pm
  • Saturday, March 18th – Block Printing, Create your own stamp to reuse over and over again! Greeting cards to wrapping paper, join us to explore and exciting new way to add creativity into your world. $115 10am-1pm

Limited number of spaces available!  Call our store (703-779-0268) during business hours (10am-5pm)  to prepay & reserve your spot. See below for course descriptions.


Have you always wanted to learn to how to refinish like the pros? 

We know the best way to learn painting techniques is not by just reading about it or watching videos.  We’ve found that most people really benefit from a hands on workshop, side by side with a professional, trained in proven techniques.  A hands on workshop at our store is a great way to get all the inside tips and tricks, a chance to ask specific questions as you’re using the products, and meet like-minded people who enjoy decorating and DIY projects.


One Step Paint Course Includes:  prepping & refinishing using Amy Howard One Step Paint, finishing with light & dark waxes, and applying Dust of Ages to add depth and dimension to your piece.  Bring your questions!

Cracked Patina Course Includes: Students will learn how to layer Amy Howard’s One Step Paint along with the Cracked Patina Medium to create a multi-dimensional Crackled paint effect, finishing with light & dark waxes. Bring your questions!

Gilding Course Includes:  encompasses the process of gilding using Amy Howard’s gilding products – Bole, sizing, and gold leaf.  The products emulate the original gilding techniques that have been used for centuries.  Bring your questions!

Each three hour workshops costs $165 and include:

amy howard one step paint lucketts

  • Three hour workshop with Amy Howard trained instructor
  • Any & all paint supplies used during the workshop are included
  • Practice piece you can work on and take home with you
  • Super cute apron
  • One time discount on AmyHoward Starter Kit (1 32oz. can of paint,1 8oz. pod of paint, 2 cans of wax, 4 brushes, & a jar of Dust of the Ages)




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Amy Howard CopyCat Transfer Class

Have you ever wanted to transfer an image onto a surface, and get that distressed, hand-painted look? We’ll help you create a work of art on canvas using Copycat™. Simply print off an image from your ink-jet printer, use Copycat™ to transfer the image, and then we will teach you how to age your piece by layering it with Amy Howard’s Antique Waxes, Cracked Patina, & Dust of Ages. This will help you to achieve the antique, vintage look of old photos and artwork.   Believe it or not, this project can be done on wood, fabric, even glass!  

Cost of class – $115

Block Printing Class

Linoleum printing is a form of relief printing, one of the easiest and most direct of all printmaking methods. Linocuts can be simplistic and graphic, or as intricately detailed as you want. It’s a subtractive process – meaning you cut away, or subtract, the areas you do not want to print.

Create your own pattern or stamp that you can use over and over again. You can print on everything from paper to fabrics to metals. Join us to explore and exciting new way to add creativity into your world.

Cost of class – $115