It’s True…Glamping = Luxurious Camping

It’s True… Glamping = Luxurious Camping

Glamping is exploding around the globe AND right here in our own backyard. Glampers immerse themselves in the local culture and environment while upgrading their accommodations in a way that makes their experiences both lavish and memorable…people who want to go camping but still have every single luxury and necessity of the home while they are in the woods.

Don’t we all want that?
Glampsites can include almost any type of dwelling. One might be a treehouse high up in the rainforest, while another might be a teepee resting on the savannah, or a yurt in Patagonia. Tents, huts, cabins, boats and even vintage trailers are commonly used and outfitted for the most discerning “glamper.” Even high-end retailer Neiman Marcus is getting in the game: “In lieu of sleeping bags and fishing lines, we’ll opt for Persian rugs and strands of dew-kissed diamonds; champagne ice buckets instead of canteens,” as Neiman Marcus’s catalog article so eloquently puts it.

It’s True… There will be Glamping at Spring Market

Perhaps you’re new to glamping – or maybe you’ve never even heard of it! Regardless of your level of glamping experience, you’re going to love our custom-designed glampsites at Spring Market. We will have ten tents scattered throughout the fairgrounds that will be decked out by our top vendors. They will serve as peaceful inspiration zones and comfortable, shaded getaways. If you’ve never glamped, now is the time to try it

Glamping Your Way

The glamping tents at Spring Market will be decorated in the vintage hip style we all adore, but each one will be completely different! Some may be more farmhouse chic while others might focus on architectural salvage and cool rusty accents. Our vendors are sure to impress, and you’ll leave each tent feeling inspired and rejuvenated.
Once you’ve honed your glamping skills at Spring Market you will be ready to tackle the world! Glamping is everywhere, from Europe and Africa, or, if you want to stay closer to home, try glamping at one of our beautiful National Parks. Check out to explore luxurious destinations and hot trends! Or, if you want to find your own glamping spot somewhere closer to home in Clarke or Loudoun County, check out these sites to find glamping in your “backyard.” 

We know that three days of shopping and searching for that perfect find can be exhausting. When you glamp at Spring Market, you can take it easy and relax whenever you feel like it. Don’t just go to Spring Market; enjoy it in luxurious style! Are you ready to glamp?