Cool Things Overload!

We’re not the only cool thing in town!

One of the things that blew my mind when I was restoring the manor house, was the incredible views when I crested the mountain in Bluemont. Each time, I felt like I was going on vacation, and that was every day, so I was a lucky girl. I am happy to be able to share this beautiful view with everyone coming out to Spring Market from the east. Along with the incredible view, there are a few things along the way I think you would love to know.

First of all, before you actually crest the mountain and get a glimpse of the big view, you will pass Blueridge Mountain Road. This road rides the crest of the mountain and has many beautiful homes down long driveways behind mysterious gates….that makes me really really wanna get in and see whats in there! Many of the homes are historic and have views that will blow your mind, and generally cannot be seen unless you’re lucky enough to get an invite to a fancy party.

But….. fortunately on Saturday, May 20th , yep, the same day as our market, and on the way to our market,  there will be a homes tour to benefit Boulder Crest Retreat, which is also on the mountain. Boulder Crest  Retreat is a nonprofit rural retreat and support services for Americas seriously wounded warriors and their families to reconnect and recover. It is an honor for Lucketts Spring Market to be a sponsor for this charitable event.

The Blue Ridge Mountain Home Tour encompasses a remarkable collection of sophisticated homes, never before open to the public. This is an amazing opportunity to see these properties, for a very worthy cause and its on your way to Spring Market!  How can this weekend get any better???