If You Love Decorating with Architectural Salvage the Spring Market Will Have it!

Some of us are old enough to remember a time when a house having “new” everything and anything was cause to flag down neighbors for show and tell. Grandma’s wavy windows, askew doors and dimple-y mantle were out-out-out, and if replaced they would end up forgotten in the town dump.

If you HAD to recycle materials like barn wood and architectural pieces from dismantled homes and industrial buildings, it was because you were thrifty and practical. There was a time you could conceivably build an entire “new-to-you” house from discarded materials. Remember, this was the time when formica, Naugahyde and linoleum were King.

Thankfully, as with all things “fashion”, old is new again and we’ve woken up to the fact that old doors, window frames, mantels, pillars or corbels are the one-of-a-kind touches that can infuse a home with character and a sense of history.

Corbels used as shelf brackets, a fireplace mantle added to a simple wall, old beams on a kitchen ceiling, window frames propped on a shelf, or simply replacing or propping up old doors on walls that need a bit of visual interest, all soften a home’s edges and up your cozy factor by 1000%.

So… Once you’ve decided to shop vintage salvage, your best tool is your phone (and a tape measure). Bring pictures of the rooms you are interested in enhancing and have measurements of the space you are working with handy. Nothing breaks a heart faster than realizing that what looked PERFECT in the shop, is either much too large or too small for the space available. Trust me, crying about it won’t help it fit any better. I have this on good authority.

Don’t be afraid of a little patina, worn and weathered can be a wonderful contrast; the texture that the many layers of paint can provide is something that is almost impossible to recreate without investing some serious time with how-to tutorials. However, do be mindful to hang anything that’s extra chippy away from any surfaces that come in contact with food. Paint chips are no one’s preferred dietary supplement.

To recap: Pull that car over when you see a chippy window, mantle, column or door. There may be no such thing as too much character in a home. Shop with pictures of the rooms and walls you want to enhance and keep those measurements handy. Curate a home with confidence and you’ll create history of your own.

Decor Trends for 2014

We’re taking a breather after our shopping trips to the January Markets.  We wanted to share some trends we’re looking forward to incorporating in our shopping (for both the new and the old) and looks at The Design House in 2014.

radiant orchidPASSIONATE FOR PURPLE IN 2014

  • Pantone’s color of 2014 is Radiant Orchid
  • Pairing bright color with natural hues will be popular (think about adding robin’s egg blue, sand, & greys as accents when using brighter colors)
  • Pantone’s color of 2013 – Emerald – is still a player in 2014
  • Check Pantone’s Pinterest page for tons of color inspiration


neutral-natural2NATURAL AND NEUTRAL

  • Natural elements (think raw woods, coral, natural fibers, antlers)
  • Lighting, fabrics and accessories that mimic shapes found in nature
  • Toned down prints from nature (think white and grey zebra print, natural cowhides)
  • Textiles made from natural fibers will be everywhere




  • Brass and gold (worn and softer, not the bright shiny golds of the past)
  • Blues in all hues are still hugely popular in American design
  • The giftware industry believes Pantone’s Dazzling Blue will be a huge color this year!
  • Those starburst mirrors you bought over the last few years still work




  • Reclaimed and transformed pieces; second hand items are hot — but we all knew that anyway, right?
  • Patterns caused by minerals and stone-inspired effects like marbelizing will pop up in home decor
  • The trend towards handmade and DIY is still going strong.  People are proud to show off pieces they’ve made or painted themselves


So, that’s a lot of what we’re seeing on the horizon for 2014.  Do you love radiant orchid for 2014, or will you stick to other colors this year?  How will you incorporate these trends at home this year?


Images:  PANTONE; Architectural Digest; Benjamin Moore; Lucketts Store Design House; Better Homes & Gardens; Thibaut DesignsScout & Catalogue; Paper Mojo;

Atlanta Market Trip!!!

Suzanne and Amy had fun (a little too much fun) at Atlanta’s Market last week…here’s a little snippet of their adventure.


Between Vespas, weird mannequin heads, and some crazy cat masks, they did manage to find some really pretty things that they will make their way back to the Design House! Job well done ladies! Can’t wait to see what else you found!  Pretty sure you guys have some things left up your sleeves!


A few favorite {and helpful} interior design posts of 2012

Here are a few favorite 2012 interior and design posts from around the Internet. 

We chose these five posts because they have a wealth of information to help you decorate your home.  You can also find all of these posts linked on our Pinterest board.

House Beautiful put together 101 Decorating Secrets from Top Designers.  This slide show is worth the read through — designers give tips on how to make a space look more expensive, how to declutter, and great ideas for alternate uses for objects.

Kris from Driven by Decor, put together this super-helpful list of Rule of Thumb Measurement for Decorating your Home.  Not sure what size rug you need?  How far down should you hang a light fixture?  What are the rules of thumb for hanging draperies and artwork?  This post has several helpful rules to help with your DIY decorating.

If you’re planning on cleaning house {or keeping it cleaner in 2013} here is a great blog post from The 36th Avenue that links to cleaning solutions, tips & techniques to clean more efficiently.

Better Homes and Gardens has a neat little tool called My Color Finder.  It allows you to test out paint colors in room settings before you buy them.  You can also upload your own photos and paint them too!

Source: bhg.com via Lucketts on Pinterest

Will industrial furniture still be popular in 2013?  Are metallic elements & saturated colors a thing of the past?  What patterns should we expect in 2013?  This post from Centsational Girl is a conversation with several top design bloggers, recapping some favorite design trends for 2012 and discussing what they think will be popular in 2013.

I hope everyone has a safe and happy New Year!

Mercury glass for the holidays

We love mercury glass around all year, but especially for the holidays.

Mercury glass pairs so beautifully with greenery and adds sparkle to your mantles and holiday decor.

We’re really excited about our new mercury glass finish items available online.

Here are a few favorite holiday looks with mercury glass and a sneak peek of a few of our new online mercury glass items.

Mercury glass is paired with greenery ans some vintage plates creates a nice look on this sofa table.

Here is a nice look from Southern Living that combines small mercury glass bowls with small rosemary plants.

There are lots of other mercury glass finishes besides silver.  Look for pinks, blues, greens, and even brown mercury glass.

Here are a few of our favorite mercury glass items from the Design House that are now available online through Shop Lucketts.  Don’t forget to take advantage of FREE SHIPPING ON EVERY ORDER ONLINE now through November 25th.  {just use the code freeship at checkout}

Outdoor lighting options

Lanterns are such a great way to make outdoor spaces more intimate. 

Now that the weather is getting a little cooler, it’s a great time to decorate your outdoor spaces and get ready for the fall.

We’ve heard that many of you would like us to carry more entertaining and lighting options on our online store.  We’ll be featuring several of these new products this week on our online store, Shop Lucketts.

Like the one shown in this example from HGTV, a nice sized lantern can make an outdoor seating arrangement even more intimate when hung between two chairs.


This image from the Nest is a great example of bringing lanterns inside.  You could go out and get a wired light fixture, but if you have enough natural light, why not just use a nice lantern with a candle?

Lanterns are great for decorating during the fall and winter months.


{Wood & Rattan Lantern, Shop Lucketts, $59 each}
{Wooden Lantern, Shop Lucketts, available later this week for $69 each}

{Set of two Hurricanes, Shop Lucketts, available later this week for $24 for 2}

We have a few other great products that Suzanne & Amy picked up on a recent buying trip.  Those items should be up on Shop Lucketts this week, so stay tuned!

Here is our new wicker wine tote, now available for $24 on Shop Lucketts.

Store to Abode Fridays #14 – maps


It’s that time of the week when we take an inspiration item from the store and show you how to use it in your home.

Lots of our favorite decorating magazines have been using maps in their rooms for a while now.

Here are some fun and unusual ways to get in on the trend and incorporate maps in your decor.

My inspiration photo for this week came from Karen’s room.  I just love this vintage map in black and white.  I took this photo last month, but we actually have a few of these in our online store, Shop Lucketts.  {Click here to see what we have left in stock}.
And here are some other options for map decor:

{1}  These nautical maps look great as wallpaper or paired in an entry way.


{2}  I’m not sure if this was painted on by a very patient hand or if it’s some sort of large scale image transfer.  Either way, this is a very cool way to share your love of geography.

{3}  What a yummy collection of globes on this bookcase.


{4}  For those of you who love DIY projects, here is a dresser that could easily be replicated using large sheets of wrapping paper with a map motif.  {Hint:  the artwork above the dresser is also map wrapping paper}


{5}  I like how Restoration Hardware took one large image, and then broke it up, framing each section as its own piece of art.


There are so many ways to incorporate maps in your decor {think lampshades, pillows, other accessories} that I didn’t have enough room to put more examples.  Maps are a great way to add color to your room, and are easy to personalize when you use a meaningful location.

Don’t forget to enter our Shop Lucketts giveaway.  One lucky winner will receive a sign of their choice from our online store.  All entries must be received by Sunday, June 10th, before midnight.
Have a great weekend everyone!

Thanks for joining us for Store to Abode Friday.  If you want to see other products we typically sell in the store and how you can decorate with them, click on the picture below.

Sunburst Mirrors

Sunburst mirrors can be dated back to France in the late 1600’s.   They were widely popular in the US in the mid-20th century, and now they’ve become increasingly popular again over the last few years.

Who can blame anyone?  There are so many styles and sizes, not to mention the rich textures and variety of materials used to make the “rays” radiating off each mirror – there has to be a little something for everyone!


These mirrors make a beautiful statement by themselves, or can be grouped together nicely to fill up a larger space.


Now we see a lot of sunburst mirrors in our travels….just check out this grouping Lisa snapped with her phone last year on one of our buying trips.


With so many to choose from, we feel a little like Goldilocks; this one is too ornate, this one is too plain, this one is way too expensive, this one is way to heavy to hang, the color on this one doesn’t go with everything…

We’ll we’ve done the dirty work for you, and posted two new sunburst mirrors on Shop Lucketts, our online store.  They’re Design House favorites, stand the test of time {and the seasons}, and as a bonus are made of eco-friendly & sustainable materials – can’t get any better than that!

Here’s our smaller version followed by a picture of our larger version {with the smaller ones as a size comparison in the background}.

You can find the smaller version {here} on Shop Lucketts.  And {here} is a link to our favorite larger version.

Finally, if you want some decorating inspiration, here’s a link to a good post on Shelterness with lots of ideas for decorating with sunburst mirrors.

Shine on!

Using this year’s color trends in holiday decorating

Aside from traditional red, white, and green, there are so many other colorful options for holiday decorating.  In the December Design House, Suzanne & Amy took some cues from this year’s home design and fashion trends to give you a few other ideas for using color at home this holiday season.

Here is a sneak peek of three of them.  You can enjoy the real deal starting Friday, December 2nd through Sunday December 4th at The Design House.  Enjoy!

The peacock was important this fall.  Instead of traditional holiday colors, think about mixing blues with chartreuse greens and adding in a dash of deep purple. Here is an inspiration piece…
{ Peacock Chair:  MADE }
…and here is how Suzanne & Amy interpreted the peacock color combo for the holidays!


Silver accessories are expected to be a popular fashion trend this fall…

{ Feather Clutch: Franchi }

…and here is the perfect chair dipped in silver on The Design House front porch.


Teal was hot on the runways at the Fall 2011 and Winter 2012 fashion shows… 

Teal Bibi Pump:  Christian Louboutin

…and here is that same color dressed up for the holidays at the December Design House!

So the moral of the story is, have fun with color for the holidays!
 You can easily incorporate current color trends in your holiday decorating, just like you would your wardrobe or home decor.


If you missed Monday’s post about “Friday Night Lights”, please be sure to take a minute to read it.

This is a rare holiday event for us; The Design House and The Old Lucketts Store will be open late until 8pm this Friday, December 2nd.  We’ll be showing off our holiday decorations and lighting.

The fire pit starts at 5pm.  Stop by and enjoy some marshmallows & s’mores with some great design and great company!