9 Days Until the Lucketts Spring Market! Let’s Talk Demo Days!

…by demo we mean demonstrations on how to make things better!

T-minus 9 Days til Lucketts Spring Market at our new extra fabulous location, the Clarke County Fair Grounds! Get your list together of the must-have and must-find items but save a little time to learn a little something from some terrific folks who will be joining us to show their wares and give us a peek as to how its done. Here’s a who’s who list of who to look for and what they’ll be teaching us.

Amy Howard Demos
Friday 1:00 pm & 3:00 pm
Saturday 11:00 am & 1:00 pm

You know her paint; but she’s a lot more than that. She inspires us to keep the furniture we love in the family, aiming for sustainability in all things, give it a makeover that will make you love it all over again. She will be showing us paint techniques and signing her book, A Maker’s Guide, geared to the creative soul who would like to start their own successful business.

Rachael Kinsey Designs Demos
Friday, Saturday & Sunday Throughout the Day

Rachel incorporates vintage, salvaged, and antique components in her jewelry, while paring them with gemstones and metals. Visit her and see how she creates pieces that are truly unique and show an honest appreciation of the past with at nod to the future. Demonstrations will be held throughout each day.

Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint Demos
Saturday 2:00 pm
Sunday 2:00 pm

Miss Mustard Seed, Marion Parsons, will be bringing some of the gorgeous pieces she has been preparing just for us; her line of milk paint will be in the house, stop by for a chat, see what inspires her and see if her magic is contagious.

Woodcraft & Black Dog Salvage
Friday, Saturday & Sunday Throughout the Day

Woodcraft will be showing us how to stop fearing the toolbox and get out there and own the electric drill and other essential tools of the woodworking trade like a boss. Black Dog Salvage will also be with them and will be bringing their line of paint which is specially designed to be mixed, so keep in mind your favorite colors and come on by throughout the day for show and tell.

Amy & Jenn from the Old Lucketts Store
Friday, Saturday & Sunday Throughout the Day


Directly from The Old Lucketts Store, our very own Amy and Jen will be holding paint demonstrations throughout our 3-day event. Come on by and peek over their shoulder and see what you can learn and what you can take away as inspiration.

If You Love Decorating with Architectural Salvage the Spring Market Will Have it!

Some of us are old enough to remember a time when a house having “new” everything and anything was cause to flag down neighbors for show and tell. Grandma’s wavy windows, askew doors and dimple-y mantle were out-out-out, and if replaced they would end up forgotten in the town dump.

If you HAD to recycle materials like barn wood and architectural pieces from dismantled homes and industrial buildings, it was because you were thrifty and practical. There was a time you could conceivably build an entire “new-to-you” house from discarded materials. Remember, this was the time when formica, Naugahyde and linoleum were King.

Thankfully, as with all things “fashion”, old is new again and we’ve woken up to the fact that old doors, window frames, mantels, pillars or corbels are the one-of-a-kind touches that can infuse a home with character and a sense of history.

Corbels used as shelf brackets, a fireplace mantle added to a simple wall, old beams on a kitchen ceiling, window frames propped on a shelf, or simply replacing or propping up old doors on walls that need a bit of visual interest, all soften a home’s edges and up your cozy factor by 1000%.

So… Once you’ve decided to shop vintage salvage, your best tool is your phone (and a tape measure). Bring pictures of the rooms you are interested in enhancing and have measurements of the space you are working with handy. Nothing breaks a heart faster than realizing that what looked PERFECT in the shop, is either much too large or too small for the space available. Trust me, crying about it won’t help it fit any better. I have this on good authority.

Don’t be afraid of a little patina, worn and weathered can be a wonderful contrast; the texture that the many layers of paint can provide is something that is almost impossible to recreate without investing some serious time with how-to tutorials. However, do be mindful to hang anything that’s extra chippy away from any surfaces that come in contact with food. Paint chips are no one’s preferred dietary supplement.

To recap: Pull that car over when you see a chippy window, mantle, column or door. There may be no such thing as too much character in a home. Shop with pictures of the rooms and walls you want to enhance and keep those measurements handy. Curate a home with confidence and you’ll create history of your own.

Cool Things Overload!

We’re not the only cool thing in town!

One of the things that blew my mind when I was restoring the manor house, was the incredible views when I crested the mountain in Bluemont. Each time, I felt like I was going on vacation, and that was every day, so I was a lucky girl. I am happy to be able to share this beautiful view with everyone coming out to Spring Market from the east. Along with the incredible view, there are a few things along the way I think you would love to know.

First of all, before you actually crest the mountain and get a glimpse of the big view, you will pass Blueridge Mountain Road. This road rides the crest of the mountain and has many beautiful homes down long driveways behind mysterious gates….that makes me really really wanna get in and see whats in there! Many of the homes are historic and have views that will blow your mind, and generally cannot be seen unless you’re lucky enough to get an invite to a fancy party.

But….. fortunately on Saturday, May 20th , yep, the same day as our market, and on the way to our market,  there will be a homes tour to benefit Boulder Crest Retreat, which is also on the mountain. Boulder Crest  Retreat is a nonprofit rural retreat and support services for Americas seriously wounded warriors and their families to reconnect and recover. It is an honor for Lucketts Spring Market to be a sponsor for this charitable event.

The Blue Ridge Mountain Home Tour encompasses a remarkable collection of sophisticated homes, never before open to the public. This is an amazing opportunity to see these properties, for a very worthy cause and its on your way to Spring Market!  How can this weekend get any better???

It’s True… Make Spring Market a Road Trip

It’s True… Make Spring Market a Road Trip 

Just in case you missed it, it’s true! We’re moving our annual Spring Market this year to the Clarke County Fairgrounds in beautiful Berryville, VA. Our seams were bursting here in Lucketts, so we decided that it was finally time to go bigger and better than ever. This year’s Spring Market will feature over 200 vendors, fun DIY paint workshops with the one and only Amy Howard, pop-up musical performances, a beer garden, and ten relaxing glamping stations. You definitely don’t want to miss this! In fact, you should make a weekend road trip out of it. Mark your calendars for May 19-21st, grab your girlfriends, and bring a trailer – because you’re going to need it!

Take Time to Breathe in Loudoun Valley

As you drive west out of historic Leesburg, you’ll soon realize that Western Loudoun is much different than its eastern counterpart. Crowded neighborhoods will give way to farms full of corn and cattle, and the Blue Ridge Mountains will beckon you further and further away from the city life.

Only 15 minutes from Leesburg, you should take some time to check out charming Purcellville, VA. Venture into the old town area to shop or eat at the incredible Magnolia’s at the Mill. It features upscale cuisine and a vast beer selection in a beautiful setting. The building is simply gorgeous and has been impeccably renovated, but you can also enjoy their outdoor patio if the weather is nice. Another dining option (possibly for every meal), is LouLou Creperie + Bar à Vins. How can anything be better than crepes, croissants, and coffee? OK, maybe you’re a bagel person – we get it. Then don’t worry, because Bada Bing Bagels has what you need with their New York-style bagels and sandwiches.

Head to the Mountain

A little further west on Route 7, you’ll start to creep up Mt. Weather, which serves as the line between Loudoun and Clarke Counties. Take a little time to relax in Bluemont, especially after a long day of picking! Some of our favorite spots in Loudoun County are there.

Wild Hare Hard Cider sits right inside old-town Bluemont. Don’t blink or you may miss it! It’s a boutique micro-cidery that features seasonal ciders to tickle your taste buds. If cider isn’t your style, try Bluemont Vineyards or its sister brewery, Dirt Farm. Both offer spectacular views of Loudoun Valley from the side of Mt. Weather, and they have delicious flatbreads for your snacking pleasure.

If you want some fantastic views on the other side of the mountain, make sure you plan to spend a couple of hours on the wine decks at Twin Oaks Winery. Also located in Bluemont, it overlooks miles and miles of the Shenandoah Valley.

You’re Almost There!

Once you pass over Mt. Weather, you’re almost at Spring Market! Enjoy the view as you come down the mountain… the Shenandoah Valley is picturesque in the spring. You’ll pass the Shenandoah River, lots of cows, and you’ll even see a couple of llamas if you’re paying attention. The rolling hills mean that you’re almost at Clarke County Fairgrounds, located just 15 minutes from the top of Mt. Weather.

The fairgrounds are surrounded by adorable Berryville, VA, the heart of Clarke County. The streets are lined with little restaurants and shops, and it simply oozes the perfect small-town vibe. Make sure that you secure a reservation for high tea at The Tea Cart. You’ll feel like you’re in an English garden in little ol’ Berryville!


You Need This Weekend!

Let’s be honest; you’re probably in need of a break! We know we are … who knows what winery or brewery you’ll find us at after the market is over? We all work really hard in the DC area; it’s time to take a step back and actually enjoy the beauty around us.

Plan a few stops or be completely spontaneous, whatever works for you! We’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite places here to help you out and ensure you have a memorable weekend. So, come on… grab your girlfriends! Bring the trailer! We’ll see you in May at the Clarke County Fairground … new home of the Lucketts Spring Market.

It’s True…Glamping = Luxurious Camping

It’s True… Glamping = Luxurious Camping

Glamping is exploding around the globe AND right here in our own backyard. Glampers immerse themselves in the local culture and environment while upgrading their accommodations in a way that makes their experiences both lavish and memorable…people who want to go camping but still have every single luxury and necessity of the home while they are in the woods.

Don’t we all want that?
Glampsites can include almost any type of dwelling. One might be a treehouse high up in the rainforest, while another might be a teepee resting on the savannah, or a yurt in Patagonia. Tents, huts, cabins, boats and even vintage trailers are commonly used and outfitted for the most discerning “glamper.” Even high-end retailer Neiman Marcus is getting in the game: “In lieu of sleeping bags and fishing lines, we’ll opt for Persian rugs and strands of dew-kissed diamonds; champagne ice buckets instead of canteens,” as Neiman Marcus’s catalog article so eloquently puts it.

It’s True… There will be Glamping at Spring Market

Perhaps you’re new to glamping – or maybe you’ve never even heard of it! Regardless of your level of glamping experience, you’re going to love our custom-designed glampsites at Spring Market. We will have ten tents scattered throughout the fairgrounds that will be decked out by our top vendors. They will serve as peaceful inspiration zones and comfortable, shaded getaways. If you’ve never glamped, now is the time to try it

Glamping Your Way

The glamping tents at Spring Market will be decorated in the vintage hip style we all adore, but each one will be completely different! Some may be more farmhouse chic while others might focus on architectural salvage and cool rusty accents. Our vendors are sure to impress, and you’ll leave each tent feeling inspired and rejuvenated.
Once you’ve honed your glamping skills at Spring Market you will be ready to tackle the world! Glamping is everywhere, from Europe and Africa, or, if you want to stay closer to home, try glamping at one of our beautiful National Parks. Check out www.glamping.com to explore luxurious destinations and hot trends! Or, if you want to find your own glamping spot somewhere closer to home in Clarke or Loudoun County, check out these sites to find glamping in your “backyard.”


We know that three days of shopping and searching for that perfect find can be exhausting. When you glamp at Spring Market, you can take it easy and relax whenever you feel like it. Don’t just go to Spring Market; enjoy it in luxurious style! Are you ready to glamp?