Lucketts Spring Market…..Everything you need to know!


Our annual Lucketts Spring Market is right around the corner and we wanted to fill you in on everything that you need to know.  Here are all the details!!!!


Friday May 20th 10am-5pm : VIP Early Buyers Day.  Pre-purchase of ticket was required and needed for gate entry.

Saturday May 21st 8am- 5pm: $10 ticket entry that can be purchased at our gate.

Sunday May 22nd 10am-5pm: $10 ticket entry that can be purchased at our gate.

Helpful Hints:

Bring cash, check and credit.  Not all of our dealers take credit cards and having a back up plan at the market is a must.  We will have two ATMs on-site, but they do run out quickly.

Be ready to take your purchases with you.  We will have plenty of guys on hand in pink shirts that will be located at our Information Booth to help load with bigger items. Take note of the dealer name and location of your purchase.   Also, feel free to bring little carts, wagons, etc. for all your smaller goodies.  All items must be picked up by Sunday at 5pm.

Bring a measuring tape with you and have measurements of your space on hand.

We will have maps located at the entrance gates and information booth listing all our dealers and their whereabouts.

Sunscreen.  No matter how hot or cold, sunscreen.

Pets: unfortunately no pets are allowed at the Spring Market, unless it is a service animal.

Dress for the weather.  If it is wet and raining, bring boots and get ready to get a little dirty!!!  Also wear comfortable shoes that are good for lots of walking.

Food:  We will have several food trucks and drink stands at the Spring Market.  We will also have a BEER GARDEN this year!!!  Be ready to eat and hang out!!

Most importantly, have fun!



Lucketts Spring Market…..Tips and Tricks


The weekend is upon us and we cannot wait!!

Yesterday was hot and it got us thinking……here are a few things that we find handy for everyone that will be spending long hours at our Lucketts Spring Market:

Sunscreen.  No matter how hot or cold, sunscreen.

Wear comfortable shoes that are good for lots of walking!

Bring cash and check!  There are dealers that accept credit cards, but not all of them.  We will have two ATM’s on site, but we can only have so much cash with us and they do run out quickly!

Carpool if you can!

If you are looking for something specific, taking measurements from your space is helpful.  Bring a measuring tape with you!

Water! We will have plenty of food trucks and drink stands available, but it is super helpful to have some handy in your bag.

Bags!  Feel free to bring any totes, radio flyers, or pull carts to help haul or your small finds.  We do not provide rental carts for shopping.

Maps:  This year our talented “Lil A” drew up a handy map that will be available for customers that will show a list and location of our dealers.

Furniture Loading and Pick Up: We will have several guys on hand to help load your furniture purchases.  Take note of the dealer name and location and head to the information booth.  We will assist you from there!  Furniture purchases must be picked up by Sunday at 5pm.

Pets:  Unfortunately pets are not allowed into the Spring Market

You can find more details on our website and here!

See everyone this weekend!!

Spring Market….2 Chix and a Barn

10 days!!!! We are 10 days away from this year’s Spring Market, can you even believe it?

A few months ago we opened up a few spaces for new dealers.  When 2 Chix and a Barn emailed us a picture and we saw that silver airstream, we were hooked!  Who doesn’t love a silver airstream named Pearl.  Well if you can’t tell we are excited.  Take a peak:

2 chix pearl

2 chix sign

2 chix

2 chix



Spring Market…..Delta Girl Frames

If you have been following our Facebook page, you can already see how excited we are for this year’s Spring Market!  We are just a few weeks out and working around the clock to make this year awesome!

We briefly mentioned a new dealer, Delta Girl Frames….but today we want to show you a few more pictures!  She will be hauling a ton of awesome hand made wood frames all the way from Nashville.  Continue reading

Spring Market 2015 is On!

spring market on

Spring Market is on!   In the spirit of happy go lucky Lucketts… we are not going to let last year’s Spring Market get us down. We are back in the game…with some modifications to help mitigate our traffic and parking issues. We have been working with lots of great Loudoun County officials to help us make this Market go smoother than ever. We will do our best to inform everybody what we are doing differently, and what we hope Y’all can do to help us have a happy fun event.

May 15-16-17
WHAAAAT!!!!!!! Three days you say???????? WHAAAATTTT !!!!
Here’s the deal…. The only way to spread the crowd out is to spread the time out….so  Lucketts_2012_-SM_01wFriday is about to become first dibs or early buyers day…..what that means is it will be a premium buyers day and will cost more to get in. By more I mean $40……now don’t freak out…we know this isn’t for everybody, and that’s why we’re doing it. Because the school and community center are in session on Friday, we really do not want the large crowds we usually see on Saturday…we want a reasonable crowd of serious buyers, that we can park in our back fields only, not disturb the schools, and take a chunk out of the crowds on Saturday. We are looking into pre-selling these tickets…but we haven’t totally worked that out yet.

Saturday, we will be opening the gates at 8 am and stay open til 5, again the reason for this is to spread out the crowd so we can do a better job at accommodating the parking and traffic.( if anybody knows of a great coffee truck please let us know…we’ll be needing it!)

Lucketts_2012_-SM_05wSunday we will have our usual hours of 10-5. The gate fee for Saturday and Sunday will be $10. We have done our best over the years to keep the admission fee as low as possible, and it has been $7 for at least 6 or 7 years…. So along with our getting pretty big for our britches, our britches are getting expensive.

We will also be asking everyone to access the shop via the back roads, to help keep traffic off of rt 15… we will be giving specific instructions as the time gets nearer…

Every little thing we can do to take the stress off of the crazy traffic on Saturday, and not negatively impact our little community, will help insure the future of this wonderful spring tradition.

suzanne amy signature
Accidental Event Coordinators

INTERESTED IN BECOMING A VENDOR FOR THE MAY SPRING MARKET? – We have a very limited number of spaces for the Spring Market.  All vendors from last year’s show are given priority.  There is a potential that a couple of spaces may come available.  If you are interested in becoming a vendor, please email  1) a short description of your business & what you sell, 2) photos of your items, and 3) links to your website & facebook page. will email you back if spaces do open up.

Lucketts Spring Market – where do we go from here?

market 650x288Here are the facts…
Lucketts Spring Market…..last year was rough…very rough

The simple fact is the market was well organized, the vendors were great and the weather the weekend of the event was picture perfect.  The problem came in with the enormousspring_market_bracelets_w amount of rain we had the week before which destroyed at least half of our parking.

As we all remember traffic was rough….(We made traffic and weather on the 8’s) We were written about in editorials, and loads of people thought we should have had a plan B… But what would that look like?

I’ll be honest, after all of that headache, we were ready to throw in the towel.  If our fields are muddy…all of the fields around us are also muddy…

Shuttle people in you say?  From where? Leesburg? …What if you buy furniture?  We park about 4,000 cars…

So how do we move forward?
The good news is we have a great event that everyone loves.  We had a fantastic meeting with County officials, and they were very supportive of helping us figure out a way to make the traffic flow more smoothly in the event of adverse conditions.spring market 1

We have been looking at all of the options to make this years event the best ever.  For the sake of total transparency…here are some of the ideas we are looking at. We would love input from everyone as we know there are a lot of smart creative people out there.

The meeting with the County was truly great, and we all agreed that even under the best conditions, we are getting a little too big for our britches, so we discusseLucketts_2012_-SM_01wd moving the event to a larger venue, like Morven Park or the Loudoun County fairgrounds.

We visited the fairgrounds, and we loved everything about it including the fact that so many of our vendors could be under roof…no more blowing away tents!  It is a great setting, and we were ready to say YAY! Lets do it!! Until we heard that there is an issue with parking a large number of cars… The field they use does not belong to them, and the owner is not a fan of loads of people on his property…
soooo the fairgrounds is suddenly no bueno.

Back to the drawing board…  Out of 15 years we only had one major bummer…
Do we just revisit our property?
Do we add a day to spread out the crowd?
Do we move it to June when schools are closed, so we can utilize the community center and school properties better?

Our current thought is that we proceed forward with the event the 3rd weekend of May (16-17).  We work harder with the community to find additional parking.  We possibly add a day if we can work that out with the school and community center.spring_market_4

It’s important that our vendors and customers know we love the Spring Market, and we love that it has become a tradition in so many people’s lives, and that we will do everything in our power to alleviate problems like those that arose last year.

So let us know.  What do you think we should do?  How should we move forward?


Spring Market – where to eat


Where am I going to eat?  We have some great food vendors lined up for the Spring Market this year.  Here is a preview of their menus.  From breakfast goodies, to snacks, to great lunches, we’ve got you covered!



menus-2014_8 red-hook-with-lobster kettle-corn_with_corn java_85x11 grubbin-with-animals crab-cake-with-crab See you at the Market May 17th & 18th 10am-5pm.  We are located at 42350 Lucketts Road in Leesburg, VA.

lucketts spring market 2014_v2

Lucketts Spring Market – a few vendors

Spring Market is only a few short days away — May 17 & 18 this year.  We’re so excited about the level of talent this year and can’t wait to see what everyone brings!

We’ve been sharing a ton of vendor pics on our Facebook page.

Here are a few of the vendors that will be at the show this year!

Emma Jean’s General Store will be set up off the beaten path this year in barn right next to the Design House.  There will be tons of fun finds to explore!  emma jean lucketts 3

I just love the old drawer sets and cabinets from Emma Jean’s General Store!

emma jean lucketts 2

Lots of old clothing racks and carts, and fun pieces made from pipe fittings!

emma jean lucketts 1


Elizabeth from Bittersweet Design Studio will be back at the Spring Market again this year! Here are a few photos of what she’s planning to bring…

10300019_741937999160979_7518189461116345005_n 1557626_741937865827659_2565601012193146058_n

A few of the finds Susan Edington is bringing to the Lucketts Spring Market next weekend!
10297587_741773445844101_5885599251184696126_n 10329055_741773569177422_5367210187350788764_n


Ashley from Rustique Modern Vintage will be with us for the Spring Market! Look for her tent full of upholstered pieces, industrial finds, custom made tables & lamps, and finds from Europe.

10299937_740661335955312_1072353540921872128_n 10310634_740661209288658_6768945914583012637_n


Melissa Maharaj will be a first timer at the Lucketts Spring Market this year! Melissa describes her style as coastal industrial — she loves anything from the sea, cameras, industrial home decor, and vintage science pieces. Look for Melissa’s grey tent May 17th & 18th. Welcome Melissa!

10341511_740651785956267_8347046243557996504_n 10252096_740651572622955_6446452590489492965_n

A few past upholstered pieces from Ruby Twine. Amanda will be at the Lucketts Spring Market May 17th & 18th — this girl knows how to upholster! Can’t wait to see what she brings with her!

10275957_740274519327327_9019486636755658120_n 1979758_740274512660661_5714618758512594313_nRita from The Pink Cabbage has lots of goodies lined up for the Lucketts Spring Market!

10352779_739927259362053_7643107205605872001_n 10277939_739927226028723_3555498087443211331_nWe are excited to have Hilary of Housemade at the Lucketts Spring Market! Hilary also exhibits at the Country Living Fair and you have to stop by her booth to see what she does with old sewing patterns!

1621948_737069479647831_1616052261915290236_n 10154429_737069432981169_8229429239057346580_n

Here are some yummy goodies from OLDE TYME MARKETPLACE! So happy to have her back this year! Love that ironstone – yum!

10336749_737276939627085_4454316591252225454_n 10325664_737276899627089_7227839971207925597_nA few of the designs juNxtaposition will be bringing to Lucketts for the Spring Market May 17th & 18th.  Can’t wait to see Jeanne and all of her goodies again!

10258142_736348749719904_5341056075699747388_n 10168219_736348753053237_2203503418602274723_n

Simple Pleasures – Vintage Reimagined will be joining us as a vendor on May 17th & 18th at the Lucketts Spring Market. Will you be there? Here are a few photos of Jo’s past work, enjoy!

1898185_734159459938833_2405996852755536571_n 734560_734159446605501_3596320660447455408_nWe are excited to have Traer Loves back at the Lucketts Spring Market again on May 17th & 18th! Here are a few pictures of Traer’s style — love her upholstered and painted pieces!

10155514_733896906631755_7773111938775299673_n 10152447_733896916631754_3112627354684406143_nWe are excited to have All About Vignettes at the Lucketts Spring Market! See Kathy and all of her fun finds on May 17th & 18th. Here are a few pics of her fun style from her blog!

603633_733386050016174_1333604594202848148_n 10171881_733386073349505_3677395660054823209_nCheck out these great mirrors from Olde Good Things! Barbara will be with us at the Lucketts Spring Market May 17th & 18th — stop by her booth!

10264740_739250342763078_1237738136629636162_n 1609740_739250246096421_287965019843392041_nAll Things New Again will be at the Lucketts Spring Market May 17th & 18th!

10314605_739244376097008_4511102075120659542_n 1610073_739244369430342_5357282578601839361_nCaren Fisher will be with us.  She did a ton of work on these vintage fans to get them in working order and transformed this dresser from its original orange paint with a brown glaze.

caren fisher 1 caren fisher2


Eddie from Oxido (who was also recently a guest designer in the Design House) is Lucketts Spring Market bound.  Can’t wait to see what she brings!


Bmore Nestled will be at the Lucketts Spring Market in a few short days.  Be sure to check out Megan’s booth this coming weekend, and stop by her Facebook page and give her a LIKE!

bmore 2 bmore 1

More photos and info. to come as we keep gearing up for coming weekend, May 17th and 18th!

Lucketts Spring Market – photo roundup #2

Photo Credit:  juNxtaposition

Thank you to everyone who shared links on our last Market photo roundup post.  I spent forever looking through all the great photos and all the great finds!

Here are more pictures from the 2013 event last weekend.

I love the variety of photos and how they all really give the flavor of the Lucketts Spring Market.  We have some truly talented vendors and we had some awesome displays this year!  Thanks to all!

Photo Credit:  Carolyn Elizabeth Designs
Photo Credit:  juNxtaposition

Photo Credit:  Carolyn Elizabeth Designs

Photo Credit:  Dove Cottage
Photo Credit:  Studio Eleven

Photo Credit:  Sweet Bead Studio
Photo Credit:  Studio Eleven
Photo Credit:  juNxtaposition
Photo Credit:  Hunt and Gather

Photo Credit:  Transformations by Jacqueline
Photo Credit:  Kathy Ward Designs
Photo Credit:  Transformations by Jacqueline
Photo Credit:  Dove Cottage

Photo Credit:  Sweet Bead Studio

Photo Credit:  Elizabeth & Co.
Photo Credit:  Carolyn Elizabeth Designs
Photo Credit:  Dove Cottage
Photo Credit:  Carolyn Elizabeth Designs
Photo Credit:  Transformations by Jacqueline
Photo Credit:  Carolyn Elizabeth Designs

Photo Credit:  Hunt and Gather

Photo Credit:  Kay from A Little Bit of Pink

Photo Credit:  Vintage Grace

Photo Credit:  Elizabeth & Co.

Photo Credit:  Elizabeth & Co.

Photo Credit:  juNxtaposition
Photo Credit:  Hunt and Gather

Photo Credit:  juNxtaposition

Photo Credit:  juNxtaposition
Photo Credit:  Primitive & Proper

Photo Credit:  Elizabeth & Co.
Photo Credit:  Elizabeth & Co.
Photo Credit:  Vintage Grace

Photo Credit:  Sweet Bead Studio

Photo Credit:  Transformations by Jacqueline

Photo Credit:  Carolyn Elizabeth Designs

If you’d like us to share your pictures of the Market with a link to your blog of Facebook page, please leave a comment below with your URL. Thanks so much!

Spring Market 2013 – photo roundup

All in all, we had a successful weekend.  I can’t believe it.  Months of planning and it’s all over in two days!

For the most part, the rain held out for us.   The shoppers were great, and so many creative and talented people in one place — AWESOME!

We wanted to share a few pics that you all are sharing on your blogs and with us.  If you have some pics from the weekend – of the Market, of you, your friends, your finds, please leave a comment with the URL and we’ll be sure to link back to you!

Thanks to all who came out this year!

Photo:  Mustard Seed Interiors

Photo:  Mustard Seed Interiors
Photo:  Confessions of a Craigslist Junkie

Photo:  Confessions of a Craigslist Junkie
Photo:  Bittersweet Design Studio

Photo:  Pink Cherub Moon

Photo:  Pink Cherub Moon

Photo:  BB Home Shop – The Vintage Marketplace at Glenwood

Photo:  Brooke Bacon Deninno

If you’d like us to share your pictures of the Market with a link to your blog of Facebook page, please leave a comment below with your URL.  Thanks so much!