Holiday Pictures

We had a fun photo shoot yesterday out by the vintage Studebaker at the Design House.
I thought it might be a good idea to give folks a little inspiration on how to shoot fun holiday pictures that are unique. I love photos that are more of a scene in a movie, than a posed, everyone is staring at the camera,  deer in the headlights scenario. It’s ok to be different…it’s actually quite fun, to come up with a scene, and then act it out. I’m calling our scene….”Holiday Road Trip.”
Figure out how many people are going to be in the picture and decide what their role is…
take loads of pictures, then crop them differently to showcase different parts of the scene…
dress accordingly….. this is a very vintage scene, if you are wearing a purple pantsuit, its not going to work, no matter how good the photos are….
​in our case….of course Henry was repairing the flat, Kim was his impatient wife, who by the way did not want her face in the photo, so for her, this was the perfect portrait. Remember, a portrait is supposed to be a great representation of a person….not reflecting perfection in a persons physical beauty, but a representation of who they are. Of course Amy and Diana are the movie star passengers, impatient but understanding, and Jack is the ever patient hobo, hoping he can score a ride when the flat is fixed.
There are so many options with all that our gizmos have to offer its pretty much without limits what you can achieve
​I hope you have enjoyed our fun photo tips…. Have a happy Thanksgiving, and come join us this weekend to shoot you own great, unique holiday pics.

Lucketts Holiday Open House

Well… is that time of year again, our incredible Holiday Open House planning and design are in full swing.  The Design House has been emptied out, painted, and the stage has been set for thousands (what sometimes feels like millions) of gorgeous ornaments.  Last year Amy and I were lucky enough to be flown to Europe by the largest producer of holiday ornaments in all of Europe to purchase hand blown glass, the very best untanglable unbreakable Christmas lights, invented by the ingenious Dutch and a breathtaking palette of classic and elegant Christmas… always we will feature whimsical, classic, and elegant Christmas settings.



P.S. We will be hosting our annual charity shopping event November 4th from 6-9pm…..

Beat the crowds, be the first to shop the Holiday Design House, drink some wine and give to a charity near to our hearts….The Special Olympics.  Tickets are $100, all of which are donated directly to the Special Olympics.  Tickets are very limited to make for a truly special evening for those who come.  Please call the shop at 703-779-0268 for more information and to purchase tickets.




What happens next…

lucketts ornSo by now all of our elves, furry animals and shiny ornaments have arrived…been priced, wrapped and tucked away …we have filled the trailers the attic of the barn and even had to rent a POD (they’re great by the way!)


Now its time to start spreading it all out…sorting colors and themes and see what Amy and her crackerjack team have to work with.




Holiday shopping (11 months early)

lucketts jan shopping

I have described in the past how the Holiday process works in the world of retail..since its that time of year again…I’ll give you a recap, and let you know where we are in the process…

First, it’s unreal, but almost all of the buying for next year’s holiday open house happens in January.  Amy and I head to Atlanta where the most amazing displays and designs from all over the world are showcased in three 20 story buildings.

photo(40)We will spend almost 5 days sorting through and choosing our themes and palettes for the following year.

photo(42)Why does Christmas start in January? Well all of the items highlighted by the manufacturers are just sample items. The companies do not know what will be a hit with retailers, and therefore do not go to manufacture until they are ordered.

photo(39)So we all place our orders… they go to the manufacturers…

photo(38)…and start arriving on our doorsteps throughout the summer.

Since its such a huge undertaking unpacking and pricing soooo many small items we literally will be pricing Christmas balls by the pool all summer long!

Stay tuned for sneaky peeks of our faves we’ve unpacked so far….and the amazing stuff coming in from Amsterdam!


Holiday Design House Charity Event!

lucketts-holiday-web-1Each year, the evening before the Holiday Open House opens to the public, a private charitable organization has hosted an evening of luminaries and  hors d’oeuvres at our Design House.  They’re the first to see and shop our incredible Christmas displays, without the crowds and the craziness of the following day.

This year we have decided to host this event ourselves and open that opportunity up to our customers. The event will take place on Thursday, November 6th.  Tickets will go on sale Monday October 27th…..there will only be 50 tickets sold, to keep this a very special and enjoyable evening.

The charity we are choosing to support is Special Olympics, as we have seen first hand what an amazing organization they truly are.

Ticket price is $100 and 100% will be donated to Special Olympics.

Please call or write the shop for any further info or to purchase your tickets.
(703-779-0268 or

SONY DSCsuzanne_signature

How are YOU decorating for the holidays?

How are you decorating for the holidays?  We love to see what you’re doing and how you’re using items you found at The Old Lucketts Store and our Design House in your holiday decor.  Cristen Bensten from Blue Egg Brown Nest shared some photos of how her home is shaping up this season.  Cristen purchased the olive buckets, carved capital, suitcase, birdcage, books, cutting boards, and large urn from us!
IMG_4018 IMG_4011 IMG_4002 IMG_3949 IMG_3948 IMG_3904
If you’d like to share your holiday decor, shoot us an email with a few photos to (subject line: blog).  We’d love to see what you’re doing!

Final Design House ’til Groundhog…

It has been a wondrous year at Lucketts and the Design House, and we thank everyone from the bottom of our hearts for being such awesome customers.

This week we will have our final design house of the year (Dec. 6,7&8)…so to celebrate the season, say thanks to our customers, and just to straight up rock the house, all of our remaining Holiday items will be reduced by 50%, and we’ll be doing select markdowns on furniture.

There are still loads of adorable Holiday items, from ornaments to candles and garlands, gift wrap and ribbons…We also have some great gift ideas that just came in……the house is packed with fun stuff. We can’t wait to see you this weekend, Happy Holidays and thank you for a wonderful year!




The Online Holiday Collection is here!

We’ve been searching high and low to find items we love.  We have many of these in our Holiday Design House, but they will sell out, so we’ve held a few aside for our online customers!

We just love our signature wreath that we used in our advertising for the Holiday Open House this year.  It’s knit on styrofoam base with a pretty burlap ribbon accent.

 These distressed banners are perfect to fill a wall, add as a table runner, or add some holiday cheer!


I love the pop of red on this stylized deer wreath hanger.


Our Merry Christmas banner is perfect to perk up a holiday table or as a wall hanging.


Our signature wreath really goes well with any decor and color scheme.   It’s really sophisticated.


Love these owl place mats!  Perfect for a holiday table!


Our dove wreath hanger has a rustic finish, but adds a tasteful touch to your front door.


Our antique finish garland is lightweight and the retro colors and finish really bring a nostalgic look to your tree.


We just love this sweet little green pedestal.  Perfect on a table or in your holiday vignettes.


This glitter flower shaped tree topper packs so much punch.


This beaded snowflake tree topper is a show topper!
We had to select & order these items in the spring, so we cannot get them back in once they’re gone!

Behind the scenes….the Holiday Open House

Every year as we wrap up our Holiday season, we wonder how we can possibly top what we’ve just done…how can we  find cuter ornaments, how can we come up with any better ideas for next year…no way…it’s going to be impossible!
Then we go to Atlanta for our major January shopping
trip,where all of  next season’s themes are figured out…. the blood starts flowing…the ideas start coming, and the cute stuff starts appearing before our eyes and Voila! We know it’s going to be another killer Holiday Design House.
I thought it might be fun to give a little insight into what goes into creating the house and let you know how its coming along.
This year we bumped our opening back a week because its almost a nervous breakdown trying to take apart the October Design House and take it to the level of our Holiday open house in three weeks. As
it stands, our families are not fed and no laundry gets done at home
until this puppy is done.


As we have mentioned in previous posts,
the ornaments, garlands, and such are all purchased in January.  Amy and I
also start purchasing vintage auction finds, sleds, skates, tobaggens,
skis all throughout the year and stow them away for this event. The
boxes start trickling in in July. Kim and Diana try to keep up with the
unwrapping and pricing during the summer as they know all too well that
its like a slow moving freight train that’s coming straight at them with
delivery after delivery after delivery.


Next when it becomes apparent that the freight train is winning we
bring in the high school recruits all lined along long tables, laughing,
eating and pricing Christmas bears, balls garlands….


Amy is formulating her game plan and themes for all of the rooms. She
starts assessing her color palettes to see what tones work  well
together, what walls need to be painted, what antique elements need to
be brought in and what other layers she will need to complete the look.


Some rooms are no brainers like “letters to Santa”…we found a
killer life sized Santa who sits at a desk and gorgeous ribbons with
letters to Santa printed on them….soooo cute.


everything is set, furniture, trees, lighting, the ornaments start
coming into the house…once they start rolling in Amy personally styles
each and every room.( because she is ridiculously good at it!)
will take her one full day per room…which is two weeks!

Holy Crap Batman!!! right about now we have a come to Jesus meeting
and she delegates out the spaces she will not be able to get to…such
as the barn, , front porch, bathroom, outdoor areas…and we start to
figure out how to get these areas up to par with the beautiful house. This year we will be hosting 60 extra vendors that will stretch from
Lucketts Store on over to the Design House so that should make all of
this even more awesome than usual.


We hope you’ll come visit us November 8-9-10  10 to 5
see ya then!