Retreat Update

Last year around this time, I wrote about a 1799 manor house I was in the process of restoring, then as usual, the combo of me not being a great blogger and the insanity called my life got in the way and I never let you know how it ended up.




Well, it ended up pretty great. I officially started renting it out as a vacation rental and small wedding venue last spring. Since then we have hosted several weddings, family reunions,womens retreats, we have been photographed by countless wedding stylists,  we have been the site fun girlfriends getaways, and even on the cover of a European mystery novel! I am also excited to say it is being shown in the February issue of Washingtonian Magazine! That truly is an honor.




We’ve come a long way from an abandoned house!


To say it has been a learning experience would be an understatement, but all absolutely worth it. Nothing makes me happier than knowing this beautiful home, that had been left for so long is now filled with so many happy memories.


Here are a few pics, you can also check out or  #retreatatcoolspring on instagram to see a lot more photos, and check out February Washingtonian…WOW I cant believe I’m saying that!

What’s going on around here…….

With Spring Market 2012 officially under our belts and the next Design House reveal being in August, we are all on vacation, drinking Margaritas and sleeping in.  Just kidding (well, maybe not the Margaritas part)!!

Here is really what is taking up our time:

We showed a preview of the changes going on in the store. 

Several trips to auctions along the East Coast are planned.  We hope to stack the store with lots of goodies, big and small.

Items for our annual Holiday Open House in November have started to arrive.  Pricing each ornament one by one will literally take us until the morning of opening.

Keep a look out for weekly Online Store giveaways and sales!

Shopping, buying and re-doing the Design House takes a lot of time and manpower.  In addition to that, we need to organize and prepare furniture that does not go into the Design House.  A lot of painting takes place these next few weeks.  Thank you Henry!

Amy is about to embark on a major personal project.  We will be showing pieces along the way.  Hint: it involves an old home. 

Stayed tuned for more updates, information and details in the next few week about Lucketts and everything in between!

** On a side note, thank you to everyone that came to the Market.  It was a great weekend and it would never work without the help of many.   We want to especially thank Heather and Diana.  They put in countless hours to make the Market an awesome weekend.  High five to the both of you!

Spring visitor

A new visitor made a home in Heather’s pavilion this past week.

We’re calling her “Lazy Dove” because she decided to nest in a long ago abandoned bird nest in the corner.

She’s so much bigger than the nest’s previous occupant and hangs off the side of the nest — she doesn’t seem to mind one bit though.

Two new features start this week!

We’ll be starting two new features on our blog to give you more inspiration and a chance to link up and share your blog posts.

On Wednesdays, join us for “Pin it Wednesdays” with the Lucketts Store blog. 

On Fridays our feature post will be called “Store to Abode Fridays.” 

For Pin it Wednesdays, we’ll be linking up five of our favorite inspirational decorating photos from Pinterest that share a common theme.  This will be a link party, so we’ll give you the chance to link up to your blog’s post with five recent pins from Pinterest.  This is a great way to share decorating ideas and a chance for everyone to visit other blogs.

Store to Abode Fridays started out as we collected pictures of new items weekly for Fresh Off the Wagon.  We would often see those items used in beautifully decorated rooms.  So….we thought, why not show an item from the store as inspiration, then give you some ideas for how others used that same item to decorate a room?

We’re really excited about these two new weekly features.  We hope you’ll link up and participate later this week – I know we can’t wait!

Love is in the air

A few new items in the shop in time for Valentine’s Day, and a sneak peek of “Lucketts before” at the end of this post.

A comfy red sofa from Anne

 Valentine’s Day ornaments with vintage images.

Great pillow with LOVE primitively spelled out.
These are the coolest magic-eight-ball-but-not-really-because-they’re-hearts-but-even-still-they’re-really-cool things from Jennifer.

Our red staircase – cute!

Get ready later this week. After cleaning out the office, we found a bunch of shop pics.  I’m in the process of scanning the binder of “before” pics of the shop when it was an abandoned building and before it was rescued.   When you see these pics, you’ll be amazed that Sooz found any potential in this building, but we’re so glad she did.
Here is a sneak peek – cue the horror music…

Celebrating collections

We are great finders, and many times great keepers too.  We love to hunt for bargains and unusual items for the shop, but we also take a fair number of our treasures home to enjoy.
Many of us have some pretty impressive collections at home.  Some of the things we like to collect include silver, bread boxes, old books / prints, vintage clothing, and ironstone.  Since wrangling everyone around here to take pictures of their collections and send them in so we can post them on our blog would be a near impossible feat to coordinate, we’ve decided to feature a few of our favorite pictures of collections we’d love to own. Enjoy!

Glass bottles in every shape, color and size.  Imagine being this organized?

Geography anyone? Great collection of globes below some great vintage prints on the wall.

Pewter lids with ironstone.
Collection of vintage crystal decanters just sitting on a shelf?  No problem!  Make them in to your own light fixture!

A bookcase full of antique books.  Notice how the bookcase was made from an old French door?
Varsity penants.  Sometimes we have stacks of these at the shop.

What is YOUR favorite thing to collect?  Leave us a comment and let us know.  We’d love to hear from you!

In case you missed these…

How to "do Lucketts" the right way

{photo courtesy of Marian Parsons}
The Old Lucketts Store has been called a treasure trove, the mother load, a rabbit warren of rooms, and my favorite… that the store makes people feel like they’re Alice in Wonderland.  Based on questions we get at the counter, calls that come in, and conversations we overhear, we thought we’d pull together a few ideas on how to make the most of your visit to the shop.

Make a To Buy List.  We know some of you come from far away to visit our store.  Nothing is worse than getting to the store, being overwhelmed and remembering on the drive home that you forgot something.  Before you make the trek to the Old Lucketts Store, make a list of who you need to buy for and the types of things you’re looking to buy (furniture?  art? quirky gifts?) .

We Can Help You.  Stop by the cashier desk and ask for a tape measure if you need one.  Heck, we’ll even throw in a pen and paper to write things down for free.  We get questions about how to care for items and where to find things all the time.  We’ll do our best to answer any questions you have. 

We Have Three Floors and Several Outbuildings.  Plan enough time to visit our entire property.  There are antiques and great finds on all three floors of our main shop, as well as many pavilions outside stocked with great items, including architectural finds and antiques.  The Design House, a showcase for brand new designs, is open monthly at the far end of the property.  Check the events section of our website for dates.

Measure Twice, Buy Once.  I can’t tell you how many times we overhear people saying, “I absolutely love it, I have to have it, but I have no idea if it fits.”  If you’re looking for furniture, don’t leave the house without measuring your space first.  When you’re in the store, borrow a tape measure and confirm the measurements.  This way, there’s no stress or guesswork before a big purchase.

When it’s gone, it’s gone.  The great thing about our store is that you know you’re going to score something unique.  The challenge with our store is that you’re going to find something unique.  We thought it was unique too, and that’s why we’re offering it to you!  I’ve seen customers say they absolutely love something on Saturday, say they want to think about it, come back two days later ready to buy, and it has sold.  If you see something you absolutely love, don’t wait.  

Hands full?  Who likes to shop with an armload of stuff?  If you’re getting lots of little things, there are baskets in the big room straight ahead inside the doorway on the right.  There are also baskets in the “French Room” all the way to the right on the 1st floor. You can bring big items you’re buying to the cashier to hold for you or pull the tags on something you’re going to buy {instead of trying to carry a 200 pound mirror around while you’re still shopping}.

Make a day of it.  We’re asked a lot about where to eat.  We always offer snacks for purchase.  Sometimes we even have super-cool food vendors outside.  If we don’t have the eats you’re looking for, we recommend Lightfoot Restaurant in downtown Leesburg.  If you’re heading South on Route 15 , we recommend Blue Ridge Grill by the Leesburg Outlets.  If you’re heading North back into Maryland, just over the bridge is a deli on Clay Street.

And If You Can’t Decide…  remember that we offer gift certificates in any denomination if you’d like that special person to have the Lucketts experience themselves!

Gettin’ props!

Antiques and vintage finds are terrific ways to add interest to your photos.  We’ve spotted vintage props in engagement photos, family portraits, wedding photos, and pictures of children and pets.  Here are a few of our favorite finds that are help make photos more creative and beautiful.

Old shutters and doors add lots of color and are great backdrops for photos.

Vintage or painted frames can be wonderful in a photo shoot.  I’ve seen some really cute engagement photos with a couple holding an oversized frame.
{source:  Pinterest}

Vintage trunks always add instant character to any photo scene.
{source:  Lucketts Store Design House}

Old crates are great to prop things on.  Vintage feed sacks are always popular in photos for their texture and typography.
{source:  The Old Lucketts Store}
Events in the City recently picked up some items at the shop for an engagement photo shoot including a peanut sack, a vintage mailbox, and a Love sign.
{source:  Events in the City}

Although they’re getting tougher and tougher to find {even for us}, vintage dress forms are always beautiful and add so much to a photo shoot.
{source:  Lucketts Store Design House}

Vintage hats are always popular.  The styles vary so much that you really can match any mood or look that you’re trying to portray in a photo shoot.
{source:  The Old Lucketts Store}

Who doesn’t love a vintage suitcase?  Like the hats, there is so much variety with these and they can match any mood.  You can find a leather bound, manly-looking version {shown below}, or a very cute retro version in bright patent leather or cool print for very different looks.
{source:  The Old Lucketts Store}

Vintage bottles and books will instantly make any room {or photo subject} look studious.
{source:  The Old Lucketts Store}
What are your favorite vintage photo props?  
Leave us a comment and let us know!
Happy snapping!

New year, new sign

While we loved our old sign, the weather had gotten the best of it…
Marian took this picture for us before our Holiday Open House.

…and our website and print materials have been branded with our tagline, Vintage Hip.  We wanted to carry this theme through on to our new sign.
Website graphic.

Enter our new sign! A gift from one of our vendors made by a very talented significant other. We pulled the new sign out of the barn today and propped it up for this photo. You would have thought I would stage a better picture than propping the sign up against some holiday greenery, a metal cactus, a vintage bike, a fire pit and lawn chair, and a few trailers full of new finds. But hey, it was cold outside, and that sign was HEAVY!!! Focus on the sign, focus on the sign…

 The metal sign is painted and lettered entirely by hand – no stencils here.  Don’t be confused, the wood frame you see is completely a faux finish wood painted on metal!  Here is a closeup of the hand lettering and a sweet robin in the corner.

The next step is getting county approval and switching out the signs.  We’re VERY excited about this new sign.  We couldn’t be happier!

Don’t forget, our biggest sale of the year arrives February 3rd.