All New Design House!!!! And by all new, I mean ALL NEW!

It’s always exciting to see how the Design House is going to evolve, what new inventory will be here, and how exactly are we going to pull it off….. but this time …ohhhhh this time…. Oh My lordy lord lord…

We can’t even believe it….the boys can’t believe it, Henry can’t believe it….. it is by far the biggest transformation yet….after about a hundred makeovers, this is by far the most different the house has ever looked!

And…it’s SPECTACULAR and quite possibly my favorite design house ever….

Holiday Pictures

We had a fun photo shoot yesterday out by the vintage Studebaker at the Design House.
I thought it might be a good idea to give folks a little inspiration on how to shoot fun holiday pictures that are unique. I love photos that are more of a scene in a movie, than a posed, everyone is staring at the camera,  deer in the headlights scenario. It’s ok to be different…it’s actually quite fun, to come up with a scene, and then act it out. I’m calling our scene….”Holiday Road Trip.”
Figure out how many people are going to be in the picture and decide what their role is…
take loads of pictures, then crop them differently to showcase different parts of the scene…
dress accordingly….. this is a very vintage scene, if you are wearing a purple pantsuit, its not going to work, no matter how good the photos are….
​in our case….of course Henry was repairing the flat, Kim was his impatient wife, who by the way did not want her face in the photo, so for her, this was the perfect portrait. Remember, a portrait is supposed to be a great representation of a person….not reflecting perfection in a persons physical beauty, but a representation of who they are. Of course Amy and Diana are the movie star passengers, impatient but understanding, and Jack is the ever patient hobo, hoping he can score a ride when the flat is fixed.
There are so many options with all that our gizmos have to offer its pretty much without limits what you can achieve
​I hope you have enjoyed our fun photo tips…. Have a happy Thanksgiving, and come join us this weekend to shoot you own great, unique holiday pics.

Lucketts Holiday Open House

Well… is that time of year again, our incredible Holiday Open House planning and design are in full swing.  The Design House has been emptied out, painted, and the stage has been set for thousands (what sometimes feels like millions) of gorgeous ornaments.  Last year Amy and I were lucky enough to be flown to Europe by the largest producer of holiday ornaments in all of Europe to purchase hand blown glass, the very best untanglable unbreakable Christmas lights, invented by the ingenious Dutch and a breathtaking palette of classic and elegant Christmas… always we will feature whimsical, classic, and elegant Christmas settings.



P.S. We will be hosting our annual charity shopping event November 4th from 6-9pm…..

Beat the crowds, be the first to shop the Holiday Design House, drink some wine and give to a charity near to our hearts….The Special Olympics.  Tickets are $100, all of which are donated directly to the Special Olympics.  Tickets are very limited to make for a truly special evening for those who come.  Please call the shop at 703-779-0268 for more information and to purchase tickets.




October Design House……Moved to the Lucketts Store

We’ve learned over the years that it is insanely hard to give ourselves just a few short weeks to pull together the Holiday Open House. It is so incredibly layered and intricately displayed that I can say in earnest, many nervous breakdowns have been had in the pursuit of pulling that house together.

So last year after it was all said and done, we all agreed we needed to give ourselves a little more breathing room and maybe not have an October Design House. So as soon as the September House was over, we started breaking the house down, emptying it out, painting and as we say in the biz….”setting the bones”  for the Holiday House.

What we didn’t account for, is that we still found loads of gorgeous fall stuff… and still did all of the buying as if we were having a fall Design House…. so we have recreated a fall Design House in the main room at the Old Lucketts Store. New furnishings, gorgeous textiles,and lots of great tabletop items from marble cutting boards to french stemware…It is absolutely gorgeous and will be all ready by this weekend Oct 2-3-4..
We hope you stop by to check it out!

May Design House

Thank you for y’alls awesomeness!

The May Design House almost wasn’t.  We couldn’t figure out how we could possibly have a late April Design House, do all of the Spring Market planning, and redo the house for the first weekend in May. Not possible. We figured we would be better off to keep our marginal sanity intact and skip it. Continue reading

April Design House & Flea


How many times can we reimagine this house?

How many times can we be enthusiastic about painting walls, finding more stuff, lugging it, shuffling it around? How many?

Don’t we get sick of it?

We have redesigned this house almost once a month for the last eleven years…it’s like moving every single month. My three children have gone through high school and college, Amy’s son has gone from a little rug rat to a grown man….and we chug on. We shop, find paint colors, pray our orders come in, lean on our extraordinary staff .. Diana, Kim and Henry….

We almost don’t make it……a lot

We work weekends and holidays… Amy and I had Easter dinner at the kitchen table at the design house just last weekend.SONY DSC

The truth is nothing floats our boat more than furniture. Nothing floats Amy’s boat more than color. We are infinitely excited to find new inspiration and to find interesting pieces for our customers’ homes.SONY DSC

We don’t want your house to be cookie cutter. We want to curate a look for you. We want to inspire you by seeing things in the context of a home.

We want to be the embodiment of so many of the things that inspire us all…..HGTV…Pinterest….all of the can do, how-to media. They are all a fantastic resource to get us excited about our homes.

SONY DSCBut we want to be the one you can not just see on a screen, we want to be the one you can be a part of.


The truth is, we love it all, the colors, the stuff, and you, our awesome customers.




The Design House will be open again this coming weekend, April 10, 11 & 12.  We’re also super-excited since this our first Lucketts Flea of 2015!  We’ll have additional vendors set up on our grounds, selling cool finds for the weekend (10am-5pm all three days!)

Bye-bye burlap, hello briarwood!

For the March Design house I wanted to come up with an exciting new pallet.  Bust out of Christmas give the whole house a fresh new look.   I thought and I thought…”What can I possibly do that our customers haven’t seen before?”  Should I do something bold and wild?  And if so, what color would that be and how would things looks against it?

As I poured though my Ben Moore fan deck, my eyes kept going back to the same set of colors. The colors you find in a robins egg or a spring storm… soft, subtle, sophisticated classics.  But these colors weren’t different!  There was nothing new or exciting about them.  Then it hit me… Don’t fight it!  There is a reason you keep going back to these colors… They are BEAUTIFUL!  They are easy to live with and most everything looks good against them.  So I went with my gut and picked out these sophisticated classics by Ben Moore. They are real colors for real homes…



I love the way they compliment each other.  They are laying on a piece grass-cloth wall paper called Shangri La by Brewster.  I am using it in the hallways.  It’s a great tie in and unites the pallet. We’ve never used wallpaper in the Design House before.  We are trying to come up with a clever way to do a temporary install because you know how we like to change things things out!  We’ll see how that goes…
march 2015 dh colors lucketts


So, as the temperatures have been diving and the winds been howling outside… It’s been full steam ahead inside the Design House.  We are painting out little hearts out.

painting hearts out


Bye Bye Christmas red and Feaux Burlap.  Hello Briarwood!  Once Henry is done with the color, Kim is going to do a Moroccan Medalion stencil above the chair rail in the Vestibule using Sage Tint.   She is going to MAKE  the stencil.  As it turns out Kim took a class in New York years ago on stencil making!  Who Knew?!  Kim keeps surprising us…she likes to reveal her talents slowly!

Here’s Kim painting the main living room Province Blue.

march 2015 dh colors 2 lucketts


Same Province Blue…Henry is the fastest man on the planet with a roller!

henry fast roller


Diana is cutting in Abalone.  Its such a fresh, light color.  A complete contrast to the color she is covering over… which is one of my favorites, Amazon Stone By Behr.  I hate to see it go but it’s time for change!

march 2015 dh colors 3 lucketts


God I love Henry…He is always smiling!

henry rollerWell that’s it for the painting.  We need to hurry and finish because the first truck load of furniture arrives tomorrow!  Whee ee ee ee…..I’m  so excited.  I can’t wait to get it unwrapped and see how it looks against all of our beautiful new colors!  We’ll send more pics. soon…



February Design House

dh image

Amy is very nervous about how I am about to describe the February Design House….

Well it’s not a whole new reborn Design House…(she says)

It’s really about the Groundhog Sale, and pulling stuff out of buildings, and the attic and our barns at home…..

But its not just beat junk…and lots of new stuff has come in from our January buying trip to Atlanta…

So there is the element of new….Design  Housey stuff, along with some great buys. So I’m going to call it the February Design Hog House….How’s that?…


What happens next…

lucketts ornSo by now all of our elves, furry animals and shiny ornaments have arrived…been priced, wrapped and tucked away …we have filled the trailers the attic of the barn and even had to rent a POD (they’re great by the way!)


Now its time to start spreading it all out…sorting colors and themes and see what Amy and her crackerjack team have to work with.




Holiday shopping (11 months early)

lucketts jan shopping

I have described in the past how the Holiday process works in the world of retail..since its that time of year again…I’ll give you a recap, and let you know where we are in the process…

First, it’s unreal, but almost all of the buying for next year’s holiday open house happens in January.  Amy and I head to Atlanta where the most amazing displays and designs from all over the world are showcased in three 20 story buildings.

photo(40)We will spend almost 5 days sorting through and choosing our themes and palettes for the following year.

photo(42)Why does Christmas start in January? Well all of the items highlighted by the manufacturers are just sample items. The companies do not know what will be a hit with retailers, and therefore do not go to manufacture until they are ordered.

photo(39)So we all place our orders… they go to the manufacturers…

photo(38)…and start arriving on our doorsteps throughout the summer.

Since its such a huge undertaking unpacking and pricing soooo many small items we literally will be pricing Christmas balls by the pool all summer long!

Stay tuned for sneaky peeks of our faves we’ve unpacked so far….and the amazing stuff coming in from Amsterdam!