Retreat Update

Last year around this time, I wrote about a 1799 manor house I was in the process of restoring, then as usual, the combo of me not being a great blogger and the insanity called my life got in the way and I never let you know how it ended up.




Well, it ended up pretty great. I officially started renting it out as a vacation rental and small wedding venue last spring. Since then we have hosted several weddings, family reunions,womens retreats, we have been photographed by countless wedding stylists,  we have been the site fun girlfriends getaways, and even on the cover of a European mystery novel! I am also excited to say it is being shown in the February issue of Washingtonian Magazine! That truly is an honor.




We’ve come a long way from an abandoned house!


To say it has been a learning experience would be an understatement, but all absolutely worth it. Nothing makes me happier than knowing this beautiful home, that had been left for so long is now filled with so many happy memories.


Here are a few pics, you can also check out or  #retreatatcoolspring on instagram to see a lot more photos, and check out February Washingtonian…WOW I cant believe I’m saying that!

Buh Bye Online Store…..

I have always been optimistic that I can continually take on projects …. a farm…a business..(My Wits End)…..another business(Lucketts) an event( Spring Market) another business( the Design House) I could have a family……(three boys) ….I could make distant customers happy with an online store (ShopLucketts)… We could start classes and teach people how to paint their own furniture…(Amy Howard Paint classes) we could have a monthly Flea market…

I could re do a 1799 manor house and turn it into a vacation rental and wedding venue…(the Retreat)……

and I did…

Until one day I woke up and realized while I truly love what I do…. I work 7 days a week, and am moderately stressed out all of the time. So this is the year I am going to be a little more focused on doing what I love most….finding killer stuff for Lucketts…and making Lucketts Store the best possible place to shop, and ramp up our love for refinishing furniture.

In order to do this, I need to cut some things off of my list. So I’ve decided, that while I really did want to make our long distance customers happy, it really is not in my best interest to continue on with the online store. I learned that selling online truly is a completely different business model from having a physical store. I am a very tangible person….I need to see, feel touch everything I am doing……so sitting in front of a computer screen is not really aligned with my strengths.

I would like to thank Emily for being a genius with amazing magical powers ….my son Wyatt for setting the whole thing up…learning the process, being a great photographer, and getting the whole thing going in the first place, and Molly for doing a fantastic job over the last six months with only half hearted support from me.

It has been a great learning experience, and I’m happy to have given it a whirl, but I’m also happy to say Buh Bye online store…

Thanks everybody for supporting it, and I hope, if your a long distance shopper, you’ll find your way to Lucketts someday!

Your’s in having a happy life,








manor house


Lucketts before and afters, part 2

In an earlier post, we shared some before and after photos of the shop when Suzanne found it. 

There was trash, rotten wood, and some enterprising plants and wildlife that had taken up in the old general store.

We found some more photos of the shop during the extensive renovation 17 years ago.  Have fun looking at the before and afters!

Here is a view of the porch from the road during construction. 

The signature Lucketts green color you see in the second photo was added later on, and the brick supports and porch railings were painted white.   We added the doors a few years ago to help enclose the porch more and cut down on the wind.  We like to dress the doors up for the holidays too!  Now focus on the two windows directly above the Lucketts shop lettering.

Here is a view looking out of those second floor windows close to the road and just above the shop lettering.

Here’s another photo of the side of the shop that faces the road.  Notice the small square windows on the bottom.

Here is that same side by the road being resided last year.  Notice the same square windows that were original and a few longer windows added later for additional light.

Here are a few of the original details left over from the store’s general store days.  


This room is on the second floor.  It originally was next to the kitchen and was likely a dining room.  You can see a small sliver of the huge built in cabinet in the right corner of the photo.  Notice the cracks and missing pieces of plaster in the ceiling.

Here is almost the same view today with the same window behind this settee.

During demolition, a staircase was revealed and removed.  We think this was a separate entrance for people living upstairs so they wouldn’t bother the family.  You are can see in to the guts of the second floor, which was in the process of being framed in.

Jennifer’s room is now where that old staircase was.



 This old scary outbuilding was attached to the main house.   Notice the doors.

Here are some more recent views of this room, which had to be completely renovated.  The light source off to the left in these pictures is from the same doorways which now have glass doors.

We’ll keep looking for more pictures to share! 
Happy 17th Birthday Lucketts!

Don’t forget about our Labor Day Sale this weekend!


Lucketts welcomes FOUNDRY to our Leesburg store!

The Old Lucketts Store is pleased to announce that we have filled our vacant space on the third floor!  We would like to welcome Yvette Freeman, owner of FOUNDRY.

Over the last few weeks, Suzanne interviewed several talented artists and designers.  She was thoroughly impressed.  When Suzanne met Yvette though, she knew she’d found a kindred spirit and the perfect fit for the space upstairs.
Here’s a little more about our newest addition…
FOUNDRY was a dream for designer/picker Yvette Freeman for many years.  Having been in the Corporate world for more than 20 years, Yvette decided on her 40th birthday that there was no time like the present, she wasn’t getting any younger and WHY NOT take the leap and follow her dreams?  She quit her job and opened her Flagship store in DC’s Arts & Design District at 1522 U ST NW not two short months later. 
Now more than two years old, still going strong, FOUNDRY has joined the amazing team at The Old Lucketts Store, the original Vintage Hip Pioneers themselves.  Just as in the DC store, FOUNDRY will offer the most unique furniture and design wears for your home along side of intriguing objects and collectables that help you tell your personal Style Story, one piece at a time.  Weather your style is modern, traditional or funky, FOUNDRY has a mix of it all and most of it is truly Vintage.  
If you ask Yvette why she is so passionate about working in this business she will tell you that “everyone deserves to live in a beautiful space that tells their story, my job is to help them collect the pieces that represent their journey the best”.
Here are a few more pictures of Yvette’s style for you to drool over. 


And a few more of her recently completed space at Lucketts!

Welcome to Lucketts Yvette!  
We wish you lots of continued success!

Photo Credits:  Yvette Freeman and FOUNDRY

Who’s Who…Meet Jenny!

It’s time to meet Jenny and her husband Vassillis from The Fickle Flea on the second floor of The Old Lucketts Store!

Jenny always brings us fun treasures, from old phones & typewriters, books & records, furniture, trunks & luggage, pottery, you name it.  If it’s colorful and fun, she probably has it up on the second floor of the shop!

Here is a little bit more about Jenny and how she got started in her own words…

I caught the junk bug at my neighbor’s yard sale when I was about 8 years old, oh SO many years ago. My first bargain! What a thrill! Yep, I still have that cute mid-century figurine I bought for a nickel.

My love affair with all things vintage also evolved from necessity. Twenty plus years ago, blessed to be a stay at home mom with two small boys, but honestly bored and beyond broke; I started doing projects to furnish our first apartment. Refinishing furniture from yard sales and experimenting with thrift shop finds saved my sanity and budget. When we were lucky enough to purchase a home, I had my heart set on a 1920’s bungalow which I filled with color and affordable, refurbished antiques. I decorated and redecorated, and loved every minute of it. Two daughters later, I was still broke and still in desperate need of a creative outlet when I met Lisa (talented Lucketts dealer, code LIS, first floor on your left). Our common joy of “junking” led us to investigate auctions, sell our goodies at flea markets, and eventually to the perfect place for us –Lucketts!

Fast forward about 8 years… here I am with my second husband and fifth child. Lucky, lucky, lucky, me, my husband, Vassilis, loves all the same fun and funky old stuff I do and we share the excitement of finding a great deal and passing it on. That’s why our space is so eclectic. From toys to china to bookends and trunks – from Victorian to Art Deco to Industrial and Cottage; we believe if you love it, it will work in your home and with your other pieces. We adore things that are quirky too; silly things that remind you of your childhood, books with funny titles, unusual art and oddities- one of my favorite items in the shop right now is a lamp completely decoupaged with postage stamps.  I always, always need to have something in our space that elicits a smile.

It’s an absolute delight to meet people at Lucketts who’ve found the perfect thing in our space. Now with our online shop, we’re able to have that same experience with people all over the world!

We are so grateful to Suzanne for letting us continue to bring you a little bit of everything and thankful for each one of our marvelous customers who shop and browse and enjoy it with us!

Jenny V.

Here are some past pics for what Jenny has had in the shop so you can get a sense of her style.



Photo:  The Fickle Flea
Photo:  The Fickle Flea

Some items currently available in her etsy shop

Photos:  The Fickle Flea

Jenny’s space is on the second floor of The Old Lucketts Store, dealer code VV.
You can also visit Jenny online through her Facebook page and her etsy shop, The Fickle Flea.

Who’s Who…Meet Ann of Wild Thyme

Meet our favorite vintage clothing dealer, Ann of Wild Thyme!  Ann is known for her beautiful clothing, accessories & hats.  Here is a little bit more about Ann.

Wild Thyme is my retirement business, something I began after completing a career in teaching and youth services, but my interest in vintage clothing and antique textiles, like me, has been around a long time.

I began wearing vintage when I was in college in the 1960’s – Victorian petticoats, 1930’s men’s suit vests. I loved combining styles and eras to find my own look. In the late 70’s I lived in Amsterdam for a short while and spent many happy hours in flea markets there and in Paris. I came home with my suitcases full of old lace and vintage bits and pieces…over 30 years later I am still doing the same thing!
My son and his family live in Berlin, Germany and I visit often, scouring the Flohmarkts for antique linens and vintage clothing.

German flea market

What I love best about Wild Thyme is how it connects me to family and friends, both here and in Germany. Everyone helps me with the shopping and the storage…even friends of friends have been known to bring along one of Grandma Anna’s suitcases when flying to the U.S.   Because of Wild Thyme I have had additional motivation to learn to speak German and can now bargain effectively in at least two languages; although my four year old granddaughter will soon be better at this than I am. She has the extra advantage of being incredibly cute. My mother, who is 88 this year, is still an expert seamstress and helps me with mending and ironing. She loves to visit the store and meet customers and amazingly makes it to the third floor easily – a great inspiration to me in many ways!

The best fun though, is meeting my wonderful customers. People love to be reminded of their mothers or their grandmothers or perhaps their younger selves. Clothes and hats and handbags and kitchen towels or tablecloths, these small things can sometimes bring back past lives more vividly than more serious and costly antiques. I love how people exclaim when something triggers a memory. And I love all the stories I hear.

I feel very, very lucky to have found a niche at the Lucketts Store among all the wonderful dealers and people who work there. It is a perfect place for me, both close to my home and close to my heart!


Lots of lace from Berlin Flohmarkts

Antique linen German ironing cloths

Vintage Euro shams
My beautiful granddaughter dancing in her 1950’s vintage dress
Please visit Ann on the third floor of The Old Lucketts Store (dealer code RAM), or her Facebook page, where she shares pictures and information about what she’s bringing in to the shop.

Who’s who – meet Pat

Today we are taking a look through Pat’s space on the second floor (dealer code TWH).

Pat always has an eclectic mix, from antique prints and art, to mid-century modern furniture, and European antiques.

Pat owns Twig House and has been an antiques dealer for 22 years.  Here is a little bit more about her and her fabulous finds…

I spend a lot of time on the road traveling to auctions and estate sales to find the unique, cool and interesting items. My goal as an antique dealer is to buy things I think my customers would like and need.
I try to keep up with the latest trends and buy quality pieces that are versatile and will work with today’s new look.
I’m always on the lookout for unusual objects, mirrors and art work.  These are the things that make our house a home and uniquely yours. 
Come see us soon!
A few photos from a recent auction that give you a sense of what catches Pat’s eye.  Here is a gorgeous antique shell chandelier and a beautiful collection of shells and coral.
Pat often has an eclectic mix in her space, for example, mixing worn barn shutters with Italian gold sconces and mid-century Modern art.  She always makes it look effortless.

Where does Pat find her killer stuff?  Here is one of her secret locations.  And yes, that is a shark that’s being auctioned off…go ahead, let your imagination run wild!

To give you an idea of Pat’s aesthetic, here are a few more pictures featuring what she’s had in her space over the last year.

Please be sure to visit Pat on the second floor of our shop. 
Look for dealer code TWH.
Here is a link to her Facebook Page.

Who’s Who…..Meet Lisa!

History buff, photographer, super-mom!   Meet our loveable Lisa!

Here is a little about Lisa and how she came to be a dealer at The Old Lucketts Store.

Lisa hand-painted this armoire

I wanted to be Secretary of State when I was little. I have NO idea why, except that Henry Kissinger was on the news a lot and I really liked peace. They say that the middle child is often a peace-maker.  I don’t know about that, but being sandwiched between a beautiful, perfect-cheerleader older sister and a gorgeous, hell-on-wheels younger sister left me to play the role of the middle sister – too thin, gawky, a nerdy bookworm who alphabetized her fiction and dewey-decimaled her non-fiction. I was always socially awkward and scatter-brained. Mom would say, “Girl, you’d lose your head if it wasn’t attached.” This is still true.

I didn’t grow up to be Secretary of State, but became an accountant instead. Math was my worst subject so this might not have been the best choice of careers, but it was the ‘80s…the era of “Dallas” and “Dynasty” and get rich, rich, rich. There was no talk of “follow your passion,” or “do what you’re good at” in the 80’s. So I got a job as a Regional Assistant Controller at a major international waste disposal company…every little girl’s dream. I was pretty good at it, I guess, despite my math-deficit. But my husband and I had a son by now, and I really wanted to be a stay at home mom so I finally figured out a way to make the budget work, and I quit. Then I had twin girls. Then I lost my mind.

Lisa’s antique stained glass find

When the twins were in Kindergarten, I met my friend Jenny (a Lucketts dealer – The Fickle Flea) at the bus stop. We were both broke, and with 7 kids between the two of us, decided to start fixing up furniture that we found on the curb or the thrift store, and selling it at the flea market. We did that for a while, then graduated to getting our stuff at auction, and eventually found our way to Lucketts. I quickly realized that this place was different, and the people were different… but in a good way. These people would lose their heads if they weren’t attached, too, and that was ok.

My son graduated college this year and the twins will be graduating high school in June. They have grown up at Lucketts. It’s our family, too…our second home; my “happy place” when the jack-in-the-box surprises of life scared me too much…a place where I found friendship, fulfillment, and finally, a little peace.

***Lisa brings a lot of wonderful finds in to the shop, including great antique chairs, books and ephemera, upholstered pieces, and decorative pieces.  Antique pieces that don’t keep their original finishes are all hand-painted by Lisa.  A wonderful photographer, Lisa has a great eye that she brings to her vignettes, and she always keeps her space fresh. Don’t forget to visit Lisa’s space on the first floor of the shop on the left side of the main room.  Here are a few of Lisa’s finds: