Buh Bye Online Store…..

I have always been optimistic that I can continually take on projects …. a farm…a business..(My Wits End)…..another business(Lucketts) an event( Spring Market) another business( the Design House) I could have a family……(three boys) ….I could make distant customers happy with an online store (ShopLucketts)… We could start classes and teach people how to paint their own furniture…(Amy Howard Paint classes) we could have a monthly Flea market…

I could re do a 1799 manor house and turn it into a vacation rental and wedding venue…(the Retreat)……

and I did…

Until one day I woke up and realized while I truly love what I do…. I work 7 days a week, and am moderately stressed out all of the time. So this is the year I am going to be a little more focused on doing what I love most….finding killer stuff for Lucketts…and making Lucketts Store the best possible place to shop, and ramp up our love for refinishing furniture.

In order to do this, I need to cut some things off of my list. So I’ve decided, that while I really did want to make our long distance customers happy, it really is not in my best interest to continue on with the online store. I learned that selling online truly is a completely different business model from having a physical store. I am a very tangible person….I need to see, feel touch everything I am doing……so sitting in front of a computer screen is not really aligned with my strengths.

I would like to thank Emily for being a genius with amazing magical powers ….my son Wyatt for setting the whole thing up…learning the process, being a great photographer, and getting the whole thing going in the first place, and Molly for doing a fantastic job over the last six months with only half hearted support from me.

It has been a great learning experience, and I’m happy to have given it a whirl, but I’m also happy to say Buh Bye online store…

Thanks everybody for supporting it, and I hope, if your a long distance shopper, you’ll find your way to Lucketts someday!

Your’s in having a happy life,








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