It’s True… Make Spring Market a Road Trip

It’s True… Make Spring Market a Road Trip 

Just in case you missed it, it’s true! We’re moving our annual Spring Market this year to the Clarke County Fairgrounds in beautiful Berryville, VA. Our seams were bursting here in Lucketts, so we decided that it was finally time to go bigger and better than ever. This year’s Spring Market will feature over 200 vendors, fun DIY paint workshops with the one and only Amy Howard, pop-up musical performances, a beer garden, and ten relaxing glamping stations. You definitely don’t want to miss this! In fact, you should make a weekend road trip out of it. Mark your calendars for May 19-21st, grab your girlfriends, and bring a trailer – because you’re going to need it!

Take Time to Breathe in Loudoun Valley

As you drive west out of historic Leesburg, you’ll soon realize that Western Loudoun is much different than its eastern counterpart. Crowded neighborhoods will give way to farms full of corn and cattle, and the Blue Ridge Mountains will beckon you further and further away from the city life.

Only 15 minutes from Leesburg, you should take some time to check out charming Purcellville, VA. Venture into the old town area to shop or eat at the incredible Magnolia’s at the Mill. It features upscale cuisine and a vast beer selection in a beautiful setting. The building is simply gorgeous and has been impeccably renovated, but you can also enjoy their outdoor patio if the weather is nice. Another dining option (possibly for every meal), is LouLou Creperie + Bar à Vins. How can anything be better than crepes, croissants, and coffee? OK, maybe you’re a bagel person – we get it. Then don’t worry, because Bada Bing Bagels has what you need with their New York-style bagels and sandwiches.

Head to the Mountain

A little further west on Route 7, you’ll start to creep up Mt. Weather, which serves as the line between Loudoun and Clarke Counties. Take a little time to relax in Bluemont, especially after a long day of picking! Some of our favorite spots in Loudoun County are there.

Wild Hare Hard Cider sits right inside old-town Bluemont. Don’t blink or you may miss it! It’s a boutique micro-cidery that features seasonal ciders to tickle your taste buds. If cider isn’t your style, try Bluemont Vineyards or its sister brewery, Dirt Farm. Both offer spectacular views of Loudoun Valley from the side of Mt. Weather, and they have delicious flatbreads for your snacking pleasure.

If you want some fantastic views on the other side of the mountain, make sure you plan to spend a couple of hours on the wine decks at Twin Oaks Winery. Also located in Bluemont, it overlooks miles and miles of the Shenandoah Valley.

You’re Almost There!

Once you pass over Mt. Weather, you’re almost at Spring Market! Enjoy the view as you come down the mountain… the Shenandoah Valley is picturesque in the spring. You’ll pass the Shenandoah River, lots of cows, and you’ll even see a couple of llamas if you’re paying attention. The rolling hills mean that you’re almost at Clarke County Fairgrounds, located just 15 minutes from the top of Mt. Weather.

The fairgrounds are surrounded by adorable Berryville, VA, the heart of Clarke County. The streets are lined with little restaurants and shops, and it simply oozes the perfect small-town vibe. Make sure that you secure a reservation for high tea at The Tea Cart. You’ll feel like you’re in an English garden in little ol’ Berryville!


You Need This Weekend!

Let’s be honest; you’re probably in need of a break! We know we are … who knows what winery or brewery you’ll find us at after the market is over? We all work really hard in the DC area; it’s time to take a step back and actually enjoy the beauty around us.

Plan a few stops or be completely spontaneous, whatever works for you! We’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite places here to help you out and ensure you have a memorable weekend. So, come on… grab your girlfriends! Bring the trailer! We’ll see you in May at the Clarke County Fairground … new home of the Lucketts Spring Market.

It’s True… Lucketts Spring Market Can Help You Lead a Life Well Crafted

It’s True… Lucketts Spring Market Can Help You Lead a Life Well Crafted

Jessica Turner is the author of The Fringe Hours: Making Time for You. She is also a blogger, mother, and wife. In The Fringe Hours, she talks about how it’s important not to lose yourself within your daily to-do list. You have to give yourself permission to pursue the things that you love – whether it’s decorating, crafting, or writing – every day. Having a creative outlet is key, especially for women who are looking for a well-balanced life.

Creating Time for Yourself

Moms are usually the last ones to carve out time for themselves during the day. Between baseball practice, gymnastics, grocery shopping, and work, simply accomplishing everything on your to-do list can seem overwhelming. And if you do find time for yourself, you may not even enjoy it because you feel guilty about pushing off your responsibilities – or delegating them to others.

It’s essential to keep in mind that:

  • Enabling creative expression will improve your mood. If you take the time to breathe and follow your passions – even if it’s just for a few minutes every day – you will be a happier, healthier, well-balanced person. You’ll feel more energized, patient, and confident – and this positive attitude will rub off on others around you.
  • You should never compare your happiness with others. Your happy place is not the same as someone else’s. If your Facebook friend just went Paris for a week to shop, good for her! If you are content making jewelry, refinishing furniture, or digging around local yard sales and vintage hip markets, then embrace it! Don’t feel like someone is better than you just because their hobby is more expensive.

 The Ultimate Well-Crafted Weekend

At The Old Lucketts Store, we are fortunate to know many women who find a creative outlet in our monthly flea markets. Some are happy as pickers, looking for those one-of-a-kind pieces to complete their rooms. Others turn their passions into businesses, either revitalizing vintage furniture or giving antique jewelry new life. During our annual Spring Market, May 19-21, why not take a little time for yourself, grab your girlfriends, and see what inspires you?

In our new digs at Clarke County Fairgrounds in Berryville, VA, you’ll find over 200 vendors, glamping stations, and all sorts of DIY demonstrations. We’ll have paint workshops from Amy Howard and Miss Mustard Seed and demos on vintage jewelry and floral design. If you aren’t sure what to do with that free time you carve out, you’ll know by the end of the weekend. Get ideas, get motivated, and go create something amazing!

We’ve Planned Ahead for You

We get it. A weekend away requires a whole lot of planning – and we just established that your time is limited. Don’t worry! We’ve compiled a list of places to stay, eat, and relax on your weekend already. All you need to do is call your girlfriends, make a reservation or two, and then commence with the Spring Market daydreaming.

Click here [insert MMW link] for our handy Girls Weekend Guide.

It’s time to take a step back, relax, and live a life well crafted. See you at the market!

We have a Visiting Vendor

We finally figured it out!  There are soooo many creative people out there and we would love to be able to spot-light these DIY’ers and give them an opportunity to shine!  So here we go and here’s how it works!  It’s called Visiting Vendor and you can rent space and be part of
The Old Lucketts Store family for an entire month! 

Right now, the space is in the lobby with our long-time dealer, Anne Shonnard.  Your goods will co-mingle with her inventory.  We have our first visiting vendor, Amy Margello for the month of August.  She is not only in the lobby but she chose to be in Anne’s garden pavillion as well. (Yes…she has that much stuff!)

Amy has been going strong since August 1st and selling like crazy.  She’s not afraid of a challenge and has been restocking a couple of times a week…and has even been spotted dropping off furniture in the dark!  She is rocking!

Here’s a couple of pics: (more on facebook)

Sweet settee –it wasn’t in the shop 10 minutes when someone grabbed the tag! 
And here she is out in the Garden Pavillion.  We just love that Italian urn and that sweet little blue chair!  Amy and Anne had a lot of fun mixing it up out there!  Oh….and check out that glass top coffee table.  Our customers are alllllways looking for coffee tables! 

So that’s how it works!  Bring awesome stuff and it will sell!  And we said we love DIY’ers but that doesn’t mean you had to milk the cow to make the paint!  We are all do-it -yourselfers.   We hunt for it, we haul it home, we paint it, we price it, we fluff it….and much more…that’s a DIY’er!  It’s hard work!  And we gotta stick together!

If you’re interested in being a Visiting Vendor, please contact
Anne at with subject line visiting vendor.  And tell us why YOU should be the next Visiting Vendor…send pics too!  

You can see more of Amy’s fabulous finds at Facebook.   Share the love and friend a new friend!

The Look For Less…At Lucketts

Vintage items and looks online have become very popular.  One Kings Lane is a good example of new and old items that are updated daily.  We often check and get excited when we see similar and awesome items that come into the store and happen to be much cheaper.  

Example: This fish drawing for $149 online.
Fish  Drawing, 1956
Our Example: Dealer Pat from Twig House brought in several lithograph prints ranging from $35-$65. Of course they sold right away!
Not to mention the frames they came in were awesome!!
Do you like our look for less?

What’s new in the shop & online this week…

So much going on this week.  We received a new shipment in this past week (just in time to unpack and style for the April Design House, April, 5, 6 & 7).  This gives us about 7 days to get everything in place…not a lot of time when you are redoing an entirely new house each month!

Our dealers didn’t disappoint this week, and brought in a ton of new goodies too this week, including chemistry supplies, an apothecary sideboard, and other fun accent pieces. 

Here’s a little peek in to what’s new this week at the shop & online…

Lots and lots of drawers are super-exciting to me.  Amy & Suzanne have a super fun apothecary sideboard for $1950 on the second floor.

Jenny brought in an awesome gold lion statement piece.  This looks like it was on a building at one time and it is super-heavy.  This regal carved lion is $398 firm from Jenny on the second floor.

Sarah & Amy on the third floor brought in some pieces full of glam, including this desk for $195, a heavy brass lamp fro $129, and ocean canvas prints for $49 each.  I love how they’ve mixed metals with the great patterned curtain.

Anne is known for her garden pieces.   This week, she’s brought in a girly garden table in a blush pink.  The tables and all four chairs is on sale for $395.

And online….we are now starting to feature some new items that will be featured in our next Design House on April 5, 6 & 7.  We just got a new delivery at the shop for the April Design House.  We are bringing the garden indoors with these lovely pieces made from terra cotta with die for washes and finishes.

Our bull heads are 14″ x 14″ x 11″ and $85 in our online store.

Who wouldn’t want a Grecian goddess staring back at you?  This beauty has such a lovely patina and at 17″ high, she’s not fooling around.  She is also $85 online.

Our ram busts are perfect for those who love French, garden, or farmhouse decor.  They are 13″ x 12″ and are also $85 online.

We are so happy to be able to offer a pair of angel wings online.  Also made from terra cotta, this pair has a lovely shape and finish in distressed browns.  This pair is 24″ high, and you can fly away with them for $75 online.

Thanks for checking out what’s new this week.  We just shot some new photos of more items that will be in the April Design house and also online, so check back for those later this week.

Happy Easter!

The big counter move & a giveaway

We have an update on one of our most noticeable shop change today — the lobby has been rearranged!

If you stick through this post about the lobby update, we also are doing our Giveaway Monday feature.  We’ve picked a few happy spring items from our online store and we’re ready to give one away. 

Entering is easy-peasy…

A few weeks of planning & a few months of waiting, and the giant counter is now moved!  Here is a before picture of the counter move.  The space to the left of the old counter was cleared out & Anne moved to the main lobby area.  The empty area in this picture is where the counter needed to move.

The counter was moved over, giving shoppers more room to enter the shop.

We now have a larger area for customers to check out.

Scanning around….the area where the old counter was, is now replaced by our snack & coffee station.  Our wildebeest still greets everyone.  We may have to move him up a little more after he took a bite out of a tall man’s head this weekend.

Anne is filling her new lobby space with lots of treasures…

A neat factory cart with antique books in Anne’s new space. 

Anne added a home made garden pergola to her space and draped these lovely curtains on the wall.  Anne has started to bring in some of her garden items to the shop.  Some new finds include these giant urn planters.

Thanks for bearing with us through the lobby update.  It really is exciting {for us at least}.

Giveaway Monday Time!

Yup, we’re giving away another item from our online store.  We are getting ready for a huge snowstorm here in Virginia, so we decided to pick four springy and happy items for you to choose from for this giveaway. 

Which is your fave?  
1.  Charming Vase Set     2.  Pretty Petals Placemats       3.  Bunny Placements      4.  Petite Fleurs Vase Set

All our choices this week are items under $25; we actually have an entire collection of inexpensive gift ideas $25 or less to look through online.

Here’s how you enter the giveaway:

  1. Select one of the four springtime items we’ve selected above from our online store, Shop Lucketts
  2. Leave a comment on this blog post telling us (1) what springtime item you like the most and (2) where or how you would use it this spring
  3. Check the blog next Monday to see if you won! 

{Please note:  we use a random number generator to choose the winner.}

What’s new this week….

We just wanted to quickly let you know what new items we have around here.

We’ve been blessed with warmer weather (not warm enough though!) for the weekend so we are all getting in to the mood for spring.

New online this week are the following items.  They are also available in limited quantities at The Design House this weekend only.

1.  Distressed finish clock
2.  Vintage art pillow
3.  Botanique Jardin pillow
4.  Luncheon wall cabinet
5.  Bunny place mats
6.  Fabulous woven throw 

The Design House is open this weekend only.  We posted several pictures on our website, if you’d like to take a sneak peek of what’s in the house.  If something sells, Amy, Suzanne & crew quickly fill in the bare spots so there are always new things coming in.

Online, the following favorites came back in stock this week:

1.  8″ moss balls (set of 2)
2.  Petite Fleurs vase set (we’ve waited almost 3 months to get this back!)
3.  Mini chalkboard
4.  Wicker wine bottle holder

Stop by Chef Cher’s food truck this weekend at the shop and pick up one of her soups or pastries.  Her ham & cheese biscuit sandwiches are to die for!

March Design House….it’s all in the details

The March house is almost there!  We have all new furniture and accessories, and the house is ready for spring this Friday, Sat. & Sun. (3/1, 2 & 3).

We’ve been trying to be more diligent about taking pics through the process of styling the house.

This month, we have all new furniture – kitchen islands, dining tables, refractory cabinets, sideboards & consoles, and upholstery.  We thought we’d take you through a few of the details of the new pieces….it was these details that caught our eye earlier this year and started the wheels spinning.

We’re setting up this table as a bar in the sun room.  What caught our eye was the bolt detail on the crosspieces on the legs.  The look is pure reclaimed and industrial.  Do you love it too?

This is a coffee table we’re using upstairs.  I love these zinc star accents!  We’re pairing this with some of our nautical accents.

The wood grain on stain treatment on this new table caught our eye.

Details like drawer construction are SO important, especially so in furniture.  It’s good to check the woods used on the drawer fronts AND the woods used to construct the insides of the drawers too.

Our bar cabinet downstairs has great carving detail.  We’re really happy with the quality of furniture we found in January.  This new company is based on the East Coast, which makes the wait times for furniture shipments MUCH better….no more waiting 8 to 14 months for a piece!

Lots of great new upholstery this March.  Check out the embroidery detail on this chair.   The shape of the cushion is lovely too.  Pure spring!

We asked you on our Facebook page this week, and it seems like we have a lot of nail head trim fans out there.

Dark brown piping details are so crisp and clean on the sofa upstairs.  Yes, those really are giant mustache hooks!

The luxurious tufting on our chair upstairs makes me want to curl up and read a book.

We love the modern-looking silver nail head trim on this upholstered headboard

Simple nail head trim works with this feminine and curvy oversize chair beautifully.

Here is an example of Amy’s laying, tucking & primping the perfect throw.  Even a detail like how you lay your throw over the arm of a sofa can bring your design up a level and make it look extra rich.

What details do you feel really make a piece of furniture or a room? 

What’s left?  Well, we have a few cabinets of smalls to put away….

…and then it’s on to the front porch!

Just so you don’t think we just take pictures of unfinished things, here are a few rooms from the March Design House….almost there!

Join us this week on the blog as we finish The March Design House.  Better yet, join us this weekend – Friday, Saturday & Sunday 10am-5pm for the March Design House.