Spring Market VIP Early Buying Ticket

Ok everybody, here’s the scoop on our Spring Market VIP Early Buying Ticket.

This year, VIP early buyers will be able to shop from 8:30 am until 12 noon on Friday, May 19th before we open the market to general admission tickets at 12 noon. The VIP Early Buying Tickets will be good for all three days, and will include the always popular super cute Lucketts tote bag. VIP tickets are $40, available online only at luckettstore.com (go to the spring market button located on our website) and will be mailed out the first week in May.

Why the change?  It is always a delicate balance between making sure everyone is happy while also building a big event. We need happy vendors who do well at our market. Our Vendors are the core of what makes for a wonderful experience for our customers. Then we need to be sure our customers love the vendors we curated for them, and have a super fun day to boot. In previous years, once the early birds were done with their shopping, the vendors were left the remainder of the day without new customers being allowed to come in and shop. We had many vendors approach us and ask us to consider structuring early buying the way many other shows do…. for just a few hours in the morning. That leaves plenty of time for first dibs on the great stuff, and happy vendors who get to sell all day.  YAY! So that’s what is happening.

SOME OTHER EXCITING NEWS!  Amy and Diana spent this past Sunday at the Fairgrounds mapping out spaces….let’s just say, they were so happy and excited when they got back, they could hardly contain themselves. It’s only February, and already the grounds are already full of exciting, cool vendors. IT IS GOING TO BE AWESOME! 

Go to luckettstore.com to purchase your VIP Early Buying Ticket today!

What’s this I hear Spring Market is Moving?

What’s this I hear Spring Market is Moving?

Yep, it’s happening. Cue the questions! Here’s a little more about our decision to move and why it’s setting us up for the best spring market ever. 


Well, truth be told, we’ve been thinking about a new location for a while.  

The fair has been such a phenomenal success year after year because of our amazing vendors. Unfortunately with our limited space, we have to turn away many great vendors every year.  

The other critical element is parking. We have been operating for the last 18 years using approximately 20 acres of fields for parking, ten of which were generously provided by our neighbor across the street. That land has since been sold to the county for a new firehouse, so we will be losing more than half of our parking…uh-oh.

Why not ask another neighbor you say?

Great Idea!   After asking every neighboring farmer in a four mile radius, we realized duh! These people are farmers that are actually farming their land and the month of May is primetime for hay and other crops. Asking them if we could park 5,000 cars on top of those crops is just straight up silly.   

So while it seems like there would be loads of alternatives for parking, there just isn’t.

Why not use a shuttle?

Great idea! 

We thought the same thing, however, finding parking further away did not change the fact that we would need around 20 acres of available space that wouldn’t become equally mucky in the event of inclement weather. And how does that work when customers buy furniture? This solution quickly became a different version of the same problem. 

What now?

Ok, enough dogging on Mother Nature, she’s doing her best. The insurmountable issue is the loss of half of our parking, rain or shine, that’s a big one. So we have two options left, move the fair or swallow our pride, and end it. I couldn’t even toy with the idea of ending it. The Spring Market is just too good. It just doesn’t make sense to give up now. So, I did the only thing I could do and loaded my 93-year-old dad into the car the Monday right after this past years  muddy Sunday and started looking for new digs.

What’s wrong with Loudoun County?

Another great question!

The answer is nothing. As I mentioned before we started considering the possibility of relocating a few years ago and looked extensively at Loudoun County’s options.

If we were going to consider moving, the very first criteria was character. We are the Lucketts Store for crying out loud and we won’t settle for any old generic package. We needed it to be charming and cool. We needed it to be us.  Also, let’s not forget why we’re moving in the first place, we needed a minimum of 18-20 acres to park cars. Next, since we truly wanted this move to improve the quality of the event, we need some areas to be under a roof, that way, if the weather wasn’t so…dry, it wouldn’t put a damper on the entire event. 

We looked at Loudoun County Fairgrounds and we loved it. It was perfect in every way and we knew we could host a killer fair there. It was about this time we learned that the fields they use for parking are privately owned by a farmer who only allows traffic for the County Fair to park there. He understandably did not want to put added stress on the fields, cause we all know what happens when you do that…back to the drawing board!

My dad and I then headed up to Frederick Fairgrounds in Frederick MD, it was nice, definitely had plenty of parking and covered areas but it just wasn’t screaming Lucketts, so the search continued. 

Where else is there? Well, thanks to the historic manor house I restored a few years ago, I spent a bit of time in Clarke County. I love Clarke County because it reminds me of Loudoun County when my family first moved here 27 years ago. Its very beautiful, charming, and is just a little “old school”. So my dad and I headed out to the Clarke County Fairgrounds in Berryville. The minute we arrived I knew I was in exactly the right place. I felt like if Lucketts were a fairground, this would be it. I’m talking loads of parking, towering oak trees, charming buildings, and easy access off of Route 7.

It’s owned by the Clarke County Ruritans, some of the nicest people I’ve ever met. Each time I go there, whether I’m showing it off to new vendors or ironing out details of the upcoming Spring Market, I feel right at home. Once we get over the scary aspects of planning an event in a new place, I don’t think we’ll ever look back.  I truly feel like we have made the best decision for us, our vendors, and our customers, and I’m beyond excited to show you all what amazing potential this new venue has. Soon enough we’re going to be wondering why we didn’t do this a long time ago…


Groundhog Sale!!  Very exciting y’all!

This week will be our 21st annual Groundhog Sale…It all began when we were all alone out here 21 years ago and we had a lot of extra stuff in our barns that needed to be cleaned out.

In order to get shoppers to come visit us in the dead of winter, we decided to just go nuts and let loads of our “projects” go and just mark stuff down like crazy people to give us a fresh start in the new year. So of course it got pretty epic pretty fast, and now 21 years later, we’re gearing up to do it all again.

What you need to know:

There is no rhyme or reason to our markdowns. Our Lucketts vendors do whatever inspires them in the moment, that’s what makes it fun…. You seriously have no idea what might happen.

Yes the Design House will be open! There is a ton of markdowns at the Design house as well as a ton of new inventory as we start to get ready for spring.

Yes, there will be some hearty souls set up outside.

VERY IMPORTANT: WHEN YOU SEE SOMETHING YOU WANT, PULL BOTH THE ORIGINAL TAG AND THE SALE TAG. Not every item is on sale so if a tag gets left on, someone else can come behind you and pull the other tag, then what happens? Mass confusion! No Bueno! Pull both tags please!

IF YOU CHANGE YOUR MIND PLEASE PLEASE PUT THE TAGS BACK. It’s a huge bummer for vendors when shoppers hoard a bunch of tags and don’t put them back…hence no one can buy the item. SAD FACE.

CAN’T TAKE IT HOME TODAY? After you’ve paid for your treasures, make sure they are marked with a SOLD tag (And that it’s firmly attached with your name, #, and a description of the item).

ALL SALES ARE FINAL. Groundhog Sale prices are only good from 10 AM Friday, to 5 PM Sunday.  No further discounts will be given; we’re going to be too swamped to haggle anyways!

BE KIND TO YOUR FELLOW SHOPPERS. Have you ever noticed that anybody driving slower than you is an idiot, and anyone going faster than you is a maniac? Think that, in terms of Groundhog shopping and remember, be kind.



The yummy donut guy will be here, some great food trucks, Cowbell kitchen will be fired up, and of course our famous handsome pink shirt gentlemen will be here to help you with your treasures.

So when you come out next weekend remember to follow ‘DA rules, but don’t forget to HAVE FUN…. We love you!


Lucketts Spring Market…..Tips and Tricks


The weekend is upon us and we cannot wait!!

Yesterday was hot and it got us thinking……here are a few things that we find handy for everyone that will be spending long hours at our Lucketts Spring Market:

Sunscreen.  No matter how hot or cold, sunscreen.

Wear comfortable shoes that are good for lots of walking!

Bring cash and check!  There are dealers that accept credit cards, but not all of them.  We will have two ATM’s on site, but we can only have so much cash with us and they do run out quickly!

Carpool if you can!

If you are looking for something specific, taking measurements from your space is helpful.  Bring a measuring tape with you!

Water! We will have plenty of food trucks and drink stands available, but it is super helpful to have some handy in your bag.

Bags!  Feel free to bring any totes, radio flyers, or pull carts to help haul or your small finds.  We do not provide rental carts for shopping.

Maps:  This year our talented “Lil A” drew up a handy map that will be available for customers that will show a list and location of our dealers.

Furniture Loading and Pick Up: We will have several guys on hand to help load your furniture purchases.  Take note of the dealer name and location and head to the information booth.  We will assist you from there!  Furniture purchases must be picked up by Sunday at 5pm.

Pets:  Unfortunately pets are not allowed into the Spring Market

You can find more details on our website and here!

See everyone this weekend!!

Spring Market….2 Chix and a Barn

10 days!!!! We are 10 days away from this year’s Spring Market, can you even believe it?

A few months ago we opened up a few spaces for new dealers.  When 2 Chix and a Barn emailed us a picture and we saw that silver airstream, we were hooked!  Who doesn’t love a silver airstream named Pearl.  Well if you can’t tell we are excited.  Take a peak:

2 chix pearl

2 chix sign

2 chix

2 chix



Spring Market…..Delta Girl Frames

If you have been following our Facebook page, you can already see how excited we are for this year’s Spring Market!  We are just a few weeks out and working around the clock to make this year awesome!

We briefly mentioned a new dealer, Delta Girl Frames….but today we want to show you a few more pictures!  She will be hauling a ton of awesome hand made wood frames all the way from Nashville.  Continue reading

May Design House

Thank you for y’alls awesomeness!

The May Design House almost wasn’t.  We couldn’t figure out how we could possibly have a late April Design House, do all of the Spring Market planning, and redo the house for the first weekend in May. Not possible. We figured we would be better off to keep our marginal sanity intact and skip it. Continue reading

April Design House & Flea


How many times can we reimagine this house?

How many times can we be enthusiastic about painting walls, finding more stuff, lugging it, shuffling it around? How many?

Don’t we get sick of it?

We have redesigned this house almost once a month for the last eleven years…it’s like moving every single month. My three children have gone through high school and college, Amy’s son has gone from a little rug rat to a grown man….and we chug on. We shop, find paint colors, pray our orders come in, lean on our extraordinary staff .. Diana, Kim and Henry….

We almost don’t make it……a lot

We work weekends and holidays… Amy and I had Easter dinner at the kitchen table at the design house just last weekend.SONY DSC

The truth is nothing floats our boat more than furniture. Nothing floats Amy’s boat more than color. We are infinitely excited to find new inspiration and to find interesting pieces for our customers’ homes.SONY DSC

We don’t want your house to be cookie cutter. We want to curate a look for you. We want to inspire you by seeing things in the context of a home.

We want to be the embodiment of so many of the things that inspire us all…..HGTV…Pinterest….all of the can do, how-to media. They are all a fantastic resource to get us excited about our homes.

SONY DSCBut we want to be the one you can not just see on a screen, we want to be the one you can be a part of.


The truth is, we love it all, the colors, the stuff, and you, our awesome customers.




The Design House will be open again this coming weekend, April 10, 11 & 12.  We’re also super-excited since this our first Lucketts Flea of 2015!  We’ll have additional vendors set up on our grounds, selling cool finds for the weekend (10am-5pm all three days!)

The Retreat Open House

retreat 650x288 open house

It was the Saturday morning before Easter almost exactly one year ago I jumped out of bed on one of the first beautiful days of spring, grabbed my dogs and decided to explore the surroundings around my latest project, The Retreat at Cool Spring. We hadn’t started the restoration yet, as it was still pretty chilly, and there was no heat in the house. So really all I could do was wander around the area, and dream about how awesome it would be when the house was finally finished. What I discovered on that walk was so incredibly beautiful and inspiring, when I got home I called Amy and told my family, Easter dinner as we have known it, is about to change. Instead of our usual ham and scalloped potatoes around the dining table, we are all going on an adventure.

The Retreat overlooks an abandoned golf course on the Shenandoah River. There is five and a half miles of paved pathways going along the river and up the mountain where the golf carts used to drive. Along the path, there are streams that come down the mountain on their way to the river. If you go off the path, and follow the streams up the hill, you will almost certainly find beautiful rocky ravines and waterfalls. I found three of these on my adventure,

retreat lucketts waterfall

and decided we would put our  Easter dinner in backpacks…. with each of us carrying a course, and enjoy our good fortune amidst an amazing backdrop of nature.

We had our salad sitting on rocks in the middle of a waterfall, quiche, at the base of yet another waterfall, mimosas along the rivers edge in a forest carpeted in purple flowers, and finally strawberry shortcake on the steps of our crumbling, but amazing manor house.

This year, exactly one year later, I’m proud to announce the house is finished and we will be celebrating with an Open House on Saturday April 4th from 12pm-6pm. Bring your family, see the restoration and maybe even take a hike… I promise, you’ll love it!

Where: 1492 Parker Lane, Bluemont, Virginia
Take 7 west, past Bluemont and past the “Welcome to Clark County sign.” Take the next right on F709 (last right before bridge) and follow to the Retreat.

Also be sure to like our new Facebook page!

lucketts retreat front


Bye-bye burlap, hello briarwood!

For the March Design house I wanted to come up with an exciting new pallet.  Bust out of Christmas give the whole house a fresh new look.   I thought and I thought…”What can I possibly do that our customers haven’t seen before?”  Should I do something bold and wild?  And if so, what color would that be and how would things looks against it?

As I poured though my Ben Moore fan deck, my eyes kept going back to the same set of colors. The colors you find in a robins egg or a spring storm… soft, subtle, sophisticated classics.  But these colors weren’t different!  There was nothing new or exciting about them.  Then it hit me… Don’t fight it!  There is a reason you keep going back to these colors… They are BEAUTIFUL!  They are easy to live with and most everything looks good against them.  So I went with my gut and picked out these sophisticated classics by Ben Moore. They are real colors for real homes…



I love the way they compliment each other.  They are laying on a piece grass-cloth wall paper called Shangri La by Brewster.  I am using it in the hallways.  It’s a great tie in and unites the pallet. We’ve never used wallpaper in the Design House before.  We are trying to come up with a clever way to do a temporary install because you know how we like to change things things out!  We’ll see how that goes…
march 2015 dh colors lucketts


So, as the temperatures have been diving and the winds been howling outside… It’s been full steam ahead inside the Design House.  We are painting out little hearts out.

painting hearts out


Bye Bye Christmas red and Feaux Burlap.  Hello Briarwood!  Once Henry is done with the color, Kim is going to do a Moroccan Medalion stencil above the chair rail in the Vestibule using Sage Tint.   She is going to MAKE  the stencil.  As it turns out Kim took a class in New York years ago on stencil making!  Who Knew?!  Kim keeps surprising us…she likes to reveal her talents slowly!

Here’s Kim painting the main living room Province Blue.

march 2015 dh colors 2 lucketts


Same Province Blue…Henry is the fastest man on the planet with a roller!

henry fast roller


Diana is cutting in Abalone.  Its such a fresh, light color.  A complete contrast to the color she is covering over… which is one of my favorites, Amazon Stone By Behr.  I hate to see it go but it’s time for change!

march 2015 dh colors 3 lucketts


God I love Henry…He is always smiling!

henry rollerWell that’s it for the painting.  We need to hurry and finish because the first truck load of furniture arrives tomorrow!  Whee ee ee ee…..I’m  so excited.  I can’t wait to get it unwrapped and see how it looks against all of our beautiful new colors!  We’ll send more pics. soon…