9 Days Until the Lucketts Spring Market! Let’s Talk Demo Days!

…by demo we mean demonstrations on how to make things better!

T-minus 9 Days til Lucketts Spring Market at our new extra fabulous location, the Clarke County Fair Grounds! Get your list together of the must-have and must-find items but save a little time to learn a little something from some terrific folks who will be joining us to show their wares and give us a peek as to how its done. Here’s a who’s who list of who to look for and what they’ll be teaching us.

Amy Howard Demos
Friday 1:00 pm & 3:00 pm
Saturday 11:00 am & 1:00 pm

You know her paint; but she’s a lot more than that. She inspires us to keep the furniture we love in the family, aiming for sustainability in all things, give it a makeover that will make you love it all over again. She will be showing us paint techniques and signing her book, A Maker’s Guide, geared to the creative soul who would like to start their own successful business.

Rachael Kinsey Designs Demos
Friday, Saturday & Sunday Throughout the Day

Rachel incorporates vintage, salvaged, and antique components in her jewelry, while paring them with gemstones and metals. Visit her and see how she creates pieces that are truly unique and show an honest appreciation of the past with at nod to the future. Demonstrations will be held throughout each day.

Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint Demos
Saturday 2:00 pm
Sunday 2:00 pm

Miss Mustard Seed, Marion Parsons, will be bringing some of the gorgeous pieces she has been preparing just for us; her line of milk paint will be in the house, stop by for a chat, see what inspires her and see if her magic is contagious.

Woodcraft & Black Dog Salvage
Friday, Saturday & Sunday Throughout the Day

Woodcraft will be showing us how to stop fearing the toolbox and get out there and own the electric drill and other essential tools of the woodworking trade like a boss. Black Dog Salvage will also be with them and will be bringing their line of paint which is specially designed to be mixed, so keep in mind your favorite colors and come on by throughout the day for show and tell.

Amy & Jenn from the Old Lucketts Store
Friday, Saturday & Sunday Throughout the Day


Directly from The Old Lucketts Store, our very own Amy and Jen will be holding paint demonstrations throughout our 3-day event. Come on by and peek over their shoulder and see what you can learn and what you can take away as inspiration.

It’s True…Glamping = Luxurious Camping

It’s True… Glamping = Luxurious Camping

Glamping is exploding around the globe AND right here in our own backyard. Glampers immerse themselves in the local culture and environment while upgrading their accommodations in a way that makes their experiences both lavish and memorable…people who want to go camping but still have every single luxury and necessity of the home while they are in the woods.

Don’t we all want that?
Glampsites can include almost any type of dwelling. One might be a treehouse high up in the rainforest, while another might be a teepee resting on the savannah, or a yurt in Patagonia. Tents, huts, cabins, boats and even vintage trailers are commonly used and outfitted for the most discerning “glamper.” Even high-end retailer Neiman Marcus is getting in the game: “In lieu of sleeping bags and fishing lines, we’ll opt for Persian rugs and strands of dew-kissed diamonds; champagne ice buckets instead of canteens,” as Neiman Marcus’s catalog article so eloquently puts it.

It’s True… There will be Glamping at Spring Market

Perhaps you’re new to glamping – or maybe you’ve never even heard of it! Regardless of your level of glamping experience, you’re going to love our custom-designed glampsites at Spring Market. We will have ten tents scattered throughout the fairgrounds that will be decked out by our top vendors. They will serve as peaceful inspiration zones and comfortable, shaded getaways. If you’ve never glamped, now is the time to try it

Glamping Your Way

The glamping tents at Spring Market will be decorated in the vintage hip style we all adore, but each one will be completely different! Some may be more farmhouse chic while others might focus on architectural salvage and cool rusty accents. Our vendors are sure to impress, and you’ll leave each tent feeling inspired and rejuvenated.
Once you’ve honed your glamping skills at Spring Market you will be ready to tackle the world! Glamping is everywhere, from Europe and Africa, or, if you want to stay closer to home, try glamping at one of our beautiful National Parks. Check out www.glamping.com to explore luxurious destinations and hot trends! Or, if you want to find your own glamping spot somewhere closer to home in Clarke or Loudoun County, check out these sites to find glamping in your “backyard.”


We know that three days of shopping and searching for that perfect find can be exhausting. When you glamp at Spring Market, you can take it easy and relax whenever you feel like it. Don’t just go to Spring Market; enjoy it in luxurious style! Are you ready to glamp?

Lucketts Spring Market…..Everything you need to know!


Our annual Lucketts Spring Market is right around the corner and we wanted to fill you in on everything that you need to know.  Here are all the details!!!!


Friday May 20th 10am-5pm : VIP Early Buyers Day.  Pre-purchase of ticket was required and needed for gate entry.

Saturday May 21st 8am- 5pm: $10 ticket entry that can be purchased at our gate.

Sunday May 22nd 10am-5pm: $10 ticket entry that can be purchased at our gate.

Helpful Hints:

Bring cash, check and credit.  Not all of our dealers take credit cards and having a back up plan at the market is a must.  We will have two ATMs on-site, but they do run out quickly.

Be ready to take your purchases with you.  We will have plenty of guys on hand in pink shirts that will be located at our Information Booth to help load with bigger items. Take note of the dealer name and location of your purchase.   Also, feel free to bring little carts, wagons, etc. for all your smaller goodies.  All items must be picked up by Sunday at 5pm.

Bring a measuring tape with you and have measurements of your space on hand.

We will have maps located at the entrance gates and information booth listing all our dealers and their whereabouts.

Sunscreen.  No matter how hot or cold, sunscreen.

Pets: unfortunately no pets are allowed at the Spring Market, unless it is a service animal.

Dress for the weather.  If it is wet and raining, bring boots and get ready to get a little dirty!!!  Also wear comfortable shoes that are good for lots of walking.

Food:  We will have several food trucks and drink stands at the Spring Market.  We will also have a BEER GARDEN this year!!!  Be ready to eat and hang out!!

Most importantly, have fun!



Guest Seminar At the Retreat At Cool Spring

One aspect that is really fun about renting out the Retreat at Cool Spring, is getting to see all the wonderful gatherings, retreats and seminars that come through the doors.

On April 13th, Alyssa, from Parris Chic Boutique will be hosting a calligraphy seminar and we thought we would share the information:

“Save the date for April 13th at 6:30pm because excited doesn’t even begin to express how we are feeling about teaching a beginner’s modern calligraphy class at the Retreat at Cool Springs! April cannot come soon enough. 

Are you local to the area and have always wanted to learn modern calligraphy? Trust me when I say you won’t want to miss this one! We’ll gather around the gorgeous dining room table at the beautiful Retreat for a relaxing, unique, and cozy little Parris Chic Boutique calligraphy workshop. This beginner’s calligraphy class will walk you through all the basic steps and techniques to get you writing with a calligraphy pen like a pro. A full kit is included in the cost. You will walk away with all the tools you need to practice your skill and finally get those pretty hand written letters out! 


The setting is absolute perfection and it will be one of my favorite classes yet! We’ll have light refreshments and some pretty décor to make this a fabulous girls night out. So what are you waiting for? There are only 12 seats available to give plenty of time for one-on-one questions and practice so that you will no doubt walk away with a mastered skill. Interested? Sign up fast as spots will quickly fill up! And if Bluemont, VA happens to be just a little out of the way for you we guarantee it’s worth the drive. After all, we are traveling in from NJ for this event! 

Find out all the details and sign up here. Check out some of our past workshops here and here.

Use code LUCKETTS15 for $15 off ticket price!

Can’t wait to teach you there, in what is sure to be my happy place! See you in the spring!

Photo_3 Photo_4 Photo_8 Photo_9 Flyer_1 (lucketts code)

Retreat Update

Last year around this time, I wrote about a 1799 manor house I was in the process of restoring, then as usual, the combo of me not being a great blogger and the insanity called my life got in the way and I never let you know how it ended up.




Well, it ended up pretty great. I officially started renting it out as a vacation rental and small wedding venue last spring. Since then we have hosted several weddings, family reunions,womens retreats, we have been photographed by countless wedding stylists,  we have been the site fun girlfriends getaways, and even on the cover of a European mystery novel! I am also excited to say it is being shown in the February issue of Washingtonian Magazine! That truly is an honor.




We’ve come a long way from an abandoned house!


To say it has been a learning experience would be an understatement, but all absolutely worth it. Nothing makes me happier than knowing this beautiful home, that had been left for so long is now filled with so many happy memories.


Here are a few pics, you can also check out retreatatcoolspring.com or  #retreatatcoolspring on instagram to see a lot more photos, and check out February Washingtonian…WOW I cant believe I’m saying that!

Buh Bye Online Store…..

I have always been optimistic that I can continually take on projects …. a farm…a business..(My Wits End)…..another business(Lucketts) an event( Spring Market) another business( the Design House) I could have a family……(three boys) ….I could make distant customers happy with an online store (ShopLucketts)… We could start classes and teach people how to paint their own furniture…(Amy Howard Paint classes) we could have a monthly Flea market…

I could re do a 1799 manor house and turn it into a vacation rental and wedding venue…(the Retreat)……

and I did…

Until one day I woke up and realized while I truly love what I do…. I work 7 days a week, and am moderately stressed out all of the time. So this is the year I am going to be a little more focused on doing what I love most….finding killer stuff for Lucketts…and making Lucketts Store the best possible place to shop, and ramp up our love for refinishing furniture.

In order to do this, I need to cut some things off of my list. So I’ve decided, that while I really did want to make our long distance customers happy, it really is not in my best interest to continue on with the online store. I learned that selling online truly is a completely different business model from having a physical store. I am a very tangible person….I need to see, feel touch everything I am doing……so sitting in front of a computer screen is not really aligned with my strengths.

I would like to thank Emily for being a genius with amazing magical powers ….my son Wyatt for setting the whole thing up…learning the process, being a great photographer, and getting the whole thing going in the first place, and Molly for doing a fantastic job over the last six months with only half hearted support from me.

It has been a great learning experience, and I’m happy to have given it a whirl, but I’m also happy to say Buh Bye online store…

Thanks everybody for supporting it, and I hope, if your a long distance shopper, you’ll find your way to Lucketts someday!

Your’s in having a happy life,








manor house


Holiday Pictures

We had a fun photo shoot yesterday out by the vintage Studebaker at the Design House.
I thought it might be a good idea to give folks a little inspiration on how to shoot fun holiday pictures that are unique. I love photos that are more of a scene in a movie, than a posed, everyone is staring at the camera,  deer in the headlights scenario. It’s ok to be different…it’s actually quite fun, to come up with a scene, and then act it out. I’m calling our scene….”Holiday Road Trip.”
Figure out how many people are going to be in the picture and decide what their role is…
take loads of pictures, then crop them differently to showcase different parts of the scene…
dress accordingly….. this is a very vintage scene, if you are wearing a purple pantsuit, its not going to work, no matter how good the photos are….
​in our case….of course Henry was repairing the flat, Kim was his impatient wife, who by the way did not want her face in the photo, so for her, this was the perfect portrait. Remember, a portrait is supposed to be a great representation of a person….not reflecting perfection in a persons physical beauty, but a representation of who they are. Of course Amy and Diana are the movie star passengers, impatient but understanding, and Jack is the ever patient hobo, hoping he can score a ride when the flat is fixed.
There are so many options with all that our gizmos have to offer its pretty much without limits what you can achieve
​I hope you have enjoyed our fun photo tips…. Have a happy Thanksgiving, and come join us this weekend to shoot you own great, unique holiday pics.