3 Days left – What to Wear?


You look MARVELOUS darling! Seriously, you always do. But while we all have our best “I’ll look amazing in pictures” outfits, for Lucketts Spring Market, we recommend a mix of adorable AND practical. You want to make sure your clothes and shoes don’t get in the way of your shopping bliss.

From our personal “I wish I hadn’t worn stilettos to the farmer’s market” file, here are our BEST recommendations:

  1. Keep your eye on the sky. If it might rain, wear a parka and your rain boots. Nothing spoils a good time more quickly than being cold and wet. Wear layers and you will be ready for anything.
  2. Don’t carry a big bag, as tempting as it will be to try to throw your purchases in your   shoulder bag, it will get cumbersome quickly and in areas of tight space, you won’t want to risk bumping into displays with your purse.
  3. We will have wagons available for rent; perfect for carrying all of your small items A fanny pack (seriously!) is a smart idea for cash and credit cards. Keep your hands as free as possible; you will be glad you did when there is so much to treasure hunting to be done.
  4. Wear the “right” shoes. Cowboy boots? Awesome. Comfy flats? Perfect. Sneakers? Well done. High heels? Not recommended. The ground might be soft and you don’t want to spend the day prying your feet out of the dirt.

So, dress for success, you’ve got this. We can’t wait to see your smiling face; that smile makes any outfit work.