2 Days You’ve bought the goodies, now LET’S GET THEM HOME!


SO… this year we will have wagons for rent by our entrance (the balloons will show you the way!) for your immediate take-them-with-you goodies, but what do you do if you’ve bought a dining table or a hutch? The excellent news is that we have got that covered! Look for the men in PINK!

Here’s what you do: After you’ve purchased your piece, head to Information Booth and find the gentlemen in pink t-shirts. They will take your piece to the Furniture Pickup Area where they can help you load it into your car if you are able to take it with that day.

If your piece won’t fit into your car in spite of our best efforts, see The Mover Dudes (. These folks, and their strong backs, will be happy to coordinate moving your piece to your home and confirm price, date and time of delivery with you. They are fully insured and will make sure your new treasure is properly protected and packed safely for delivery.


So, don’t be afraid to dream and buy BIG, we have good people ready to help you get your finds safely home. (And as a bonus: you remain back strain FREE so you can shop another day!)